Office of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

08/25/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 08/25/2019 07:42

OIC strongly backs Afghan Peace and Presidential Elections

President Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Yousef bin Ahmad Al-Othaimeen, the secretary-general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation discussed the joint commitment to tackle terrorism and extremism and to support direct peace negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban, holding transparent Afghan presidential elections, and establishment of an Islamic university in Afghanistan, today morning in Jeddah.

The OIC Secretary-General conveyed his condolences to the president, victims' families and people of Afghanistan over the recent terrorist attack at a wedding party in Kabul. He asked the Taliban to stop perpetrating such violent acts and instead prepare to enter into direct talks with the Government of Afghanistan.

Dr. Yousef Al-Othaimeen declared support for the Afghan peace process and the upcoming Afghan presidential election and assured that OIC stands firm and ready to cooperate in Afghanistan's peace process. He vowed to send OIC observers to Afghanistan to monitor Afghanistan presidential polls.

The president said peace is the main desire of Afghans and top priority of the Government of Afghanistan, while describing OIC's cooperation as significant in the Afghan peace process.

'The prominent Ulama of Afghanistan and the Islamic countries must work together to eradicate terrorism, prevent grounds and mindset of extremism from growing, and ensure more consistency in curricula of Islamic Schools, known as Madrasas,' added the president while underscoring the significant role of Ulama in rooting out terrorism and extremism.

The OIC Secretary-General called Afghanistan a government with global legitimacy and a vital partner of the International Community, underling that the legitimacy serves as the main reason to encourage the international community to partner with the Afghan government in fighting terrorism and ending the ongoing conflict in the country.