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Skeljungur hf.: Finn Jakobsen has been hired as CEO of P/F Magn, Skeljungur´s subsidiary in Faroe Islands

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Skeljungur hf.: Finn Jakobsen has been hired as CEO of P/F Magn, Skeljungur´s subsidiary in Faroe Islands

The Board of Directors of P/F Magn, Skeljungur´s subsidiary in Faroe Islands, has hired Finn Jakobsen, as a new CEO of P/F Magn.

Finn Jakobsen has a degree in electrical engineering and for the past four years he has been working as Technical Director in P/F Magn. Before that Finn worked at SEV for several years, first as a Technical Director and later as COO. Finn was previously working for a consulting engineer company in Denmark.

The CEO will ensure that Magn continues to be a strong energy provider in the Faroe Island and he will also lead the transition to green energy, among other things, the Windmill Park in Flatnahagi.

Jens Meinhard Rasmussen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of P/F Magn:

'There were many qualified applicants for the position of CEO of the company and we were pleased that there was great interest in the position at P/F Magn'

'We think that Finn Jakobsen has the right qualifications to lead P/F Magn, and to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead. As Technical Director of the company, Finn Jakobsen has had an instrumental part in developing green energy solutions in P/F Magn. Also, he has extensive management experience and thorough insight in all operational areas of Magn'.

For further information please contact Árni Pétur Jónsson, CEO, [email protected]

Skeljungur is an energy company with operations in Iceland and in the Faroe Islands. Skeljungur sells fuel and oil to consumers and businesses in fisheries, agriculture, transportation, aviation and construction under the brands Skeljungur, Orkan, and Magn. Skeljungur is also in the retail market under the brand Kvikk. The company also sells fertilizer and other chemical products and is on the retail market. In Iceland the Company runs 65 gas stations and 4 oil depots. Magn P/F, Skeljungur´s subsidiary in the Faroe Islands, runs 11 retail and gas-stations and 2 oil depots. Magn also serves and sells oils for house heating to individuals and companies in the Faroe Islands. Skeljungur´s goal is to serve the energy needs of consumers and businesses in an efficient and safe way and in harmony with the environment.