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01/15/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 01/14/2020 23:09

MyAPNIC is changing

MyAPNIC has always been a secure online portal for APNIC account holders to manage Internet resources, update contact information, and receive APNIC services online. However, it is now growing beyond a resource management tool, expanding into a portal that will bring elements of all our services together in one place. As an APNIC login holder you will be able to access many more enhanced versions of our products and services.

To enable this, we have introduced a few changes.

Goodbye certificates, hello APNIC Login

Firstly, we have introduced APNIC Login - our identity management platform that implements Single Sign-On. As more of our systems link into APNIC Login you will be able to use a single username and password to access all APNIC website and online services.

Digital certificates have been phased out in favour of access via APNIC Login, which supports Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Services which previously required certificates, such as RPKI, have now been mapped into 2FA and the permission management system

Broader horizons for MyAPNIC

MyAPNIC is being transformed into a portal that gives you access to APNIC's self-service tools, products and services, including some you may have not previously discovered. For example, did you know you may be eligible to vote in EC and NRO elections, or that you can use your APNIC Login to gain access to the 'holders' section of the Internet Directory?

MyAPNIC provides a single place for your communication and engagement with APNIC. As a user of MyAPNIC you have a dashboard that acts as your go to place for tools, services and activities that matter to you when engaging with APNIC.

The Resource Manager (what we all used to know as MyAPNIC) is easily accessible from the MyAPNIC dashboard. This will allow you to focus on managing your resources through a dedicated resource management tool. It will also allow us to improve performance, add additional features, and decouple others so that the MyAPNIC dashboard can deliver better engagement and quick access, while the Resource Manager can focus on delivering improved tooling

Separating MyAPNIC from the Resource Manager does not impact any of the functionality you currently have access to as an Account Holder. It does, however, afford us an opportunity to improve the user experience around many frequently used services, and offer them through simpler, easier-to-use components on the MyAPNIC dashboard.

We are excited about rolling out these changes in the coming weeks. If you need any help or if you are unsure of anything, please refer to our FAQ or contact the APNIC Helpdesk and they will assist in any way.

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