Sberbank of Russia

11/11/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/11/2020 03:29

Customers taking out personal loans on Green Day to enjoy 2 pp lower rates

All borrowers who apply for personal loans from RUB300,000 on Green Day, November 11 and 12, will be entitled to a 2 pp rate cut if they make payments on schedule for six months - with no delays or prepayments. Their interest rates will be reduced automatically six months later.

After the cut, the lowest rate will stand at 9.9%, an all-time low for Sber.

As part of Green Day, Sber will also cut debt refinancing rates. The lowest rate of 10.9% will be a fixed one and available from RUB1 mln.

This year is Green Day's third year. All Sber ecosystem companies have prepared unique offers.

Furthermore, over 170 national and local companies and brands from across industries will offer real bargains on Green Day.

Learn more about the campaign and all special offers at