The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

10/12/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/13/2021 02:52

In Moscow, police officers seized from illegal trafficking more than 600 kilograms of potent substances

"Officers of the Department for Drug Control of the MIA of Russia GA for Moscow, together with colleagues from the North-Eastern Administrative District, eliminated the channel for supplying medicines, the turnover of which in the territory of the Russian Federation is limited. The leaders and members of the group that illegally distributed them through Moscow pharmacies were detained by the police.

It was preliminarily established that the offenders had created a commercial company that received a license for pharmaceutical activities. The organizers of the criminal business purchased from manufacturers wholesale batches of drugs containing potent substances. With the help of couriers, they were transferred to employees of pharmacy institutions involved in the illegal scheme. They removed labeling from packages of tablets and drops, after which the latter were sold to drug addicts for cash, without issuing a cash receipt and without asking to present appropriate prescriptions. At the same time, the retail price of medicines compared to the purchase price was inflated by more than 10 times.

On the territory of Moscow and the Moscow Region, police officers with the participation of officers of the special unit "Grom" detained two alleged organizers and 13 members of the organized group, which included visitors from neighboring and several regions of Russia.

During the searches at their places of residence and business activities, more than 58,000 bottles and 70,000 capsules containing about 600 kg of potent substances were found. Funds, documents, bank cards, seals and stamps of state, commercial and medical organizations, personal seals of doctors, prescription forms and other items of evidentiary value were also seized.

Officers of the Investigative Department of the IA Administration for the North-Eastern Administrative District of the MIA of Russia GA for the City of Moscow instituted a criminal case on the grounds of a crime under part 3 of Article 234 of the Russian Criminal Code. Currently, placement to custody has been selected as the preventive measure with regard to four suspects and two others are placed under house arrest. Nine defendants are on recognizance of non-exit and appropriate conduct. The preliminary investigation continues," said the official spokesperson for the Russian MIA Irina Volk.