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Dimensional Funds plc - Invest Manager Interests


For Immediate Release 16 August 2019

Dimensional Funds plc (the Company)

U.S. Core Equity Fund (the Fund)

Re: Investment Manager Interests

The Directors of the Company wish to notify the following interests held by Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd., (the Investment Manager) in the Fund which were notified to it on 15 August 2019:

Nature of Transaction


Date of Transaction

15 August 2019

Amount & Class of Shares

7,012.623 Class USD Accumulation Shares

Price of Shares

USD 14.26 per Class USD Accumulation Share

No. of shares & % of holding following transaction

166,603.220 Class USD Accumulation Shares

representing 7.35% of theissued share class

Nature of Investment Manager's Interest

Direct Holding

Options Granted



A&L Listing

Niamh O'Hara

+353 1 649 2296

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