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05/15/2019 | News release | Archived content

Interview: Faraz Shafiq, CAIO, Speaks to “Brave New World” of AI Applications

Buzz around AI has reached a fever pitch in health care, as algorithms promise personalization and predictive insights to each of the industry's stakeholders.

Faraz Shafiq, CAIO of Cambia Health Solutions, argues that not every problem that can be solved by AI should be - and exclusively looking at problems through an AI engineer's eyes loses sight of the inherently human element in health care.

'Instead, if you take a look at what the true pain points are and what the consumers are actually asking for then you can focus your efforts on solving those pain points,' he says.

Shafiq will host a keynote speech at IBM's Chief Data Officer Summit June 24-25 discussing AI as a catalyst to reshape the customer experience.

To hear more on AI and responsible data stewardship, read Shafiq's interview with Summit organizers: AI will finally make it possible to create a personalized healthcare experience.