European Parliament

03/04/2021 | Press release | Archived content

EP leaders approve Conference on the Future of Europe’s founding declaration

Today, Parliament's Conference of Presidents approved the joint declaration, which is the foundation for a Conference on the Future of Europe that will engage with citizens' concerns.

After approving the joint declaration, the Conference of Presidents issued the following statement:

'The European Parliament endorses the joint declaration because we want the Conference on the Future of Europe to start its work as soon as possible. The Conference will contribute significantly to building a Citizen's Union.

As direct representatives of European citizens, as stated in the EU Treaty, the European Parliament will hold a leading role in the Conference.

As group leaders representing the broad diversity of EU citizens, we trust that the European Parliament's prominent role will be reflected in the work and in the practical organisation of the Conference itself.'



    EP Spokesperson and Director General for Communication
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  • Delphine COLARD

    Head of Spokesperson's Unit and Deputy Spokesperson
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