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2019 Smart City Exhibition SYSCOM expands participation and exhibits many domestic and international smart applications

2019 Smart City Exhibition SYSCOM expands participation and exhibits many domestic and international smart applications

[2019/4/9] The 2019 Smart City Exhibition was launched on March 26-29. With the rapid development of the Smart Internet of Things, SYSCOM Computer showcased some of this year's related achievements. Ayuda, our smart robot, remains a highlight this year. While continuing to provide effective smart policing and financial services, it's increasing mall services with innovative solutions. Beyond Ayuda, our new solutions for smart care and smart medical include smart mattresses, electronic bedside cards, electronic paper technology creating smart wards, and smart medical AI application integration. We also exhibited the network security product NETCenter and database system DBMaker developed by SYSCOM. Domestic partners and friends from Japan, Italy and Brazil were invited to join SYSCOM to create the most complete AI smart applications for future needs. Join hands and join the future!

The topics presented by SYSCOM included:

(1) The smart robot Ayuda:

A smart robot developed by SYSCOM, completely MIT (Made in Taiwan), in addition to these existing functions: greeting, facial recognition, online monitoring, human proximity detection, voice chat, cloud video, guided tours, self-learning maps, Ayuda has also expanded to mall services and New Taipei City smart police and smart care solutions.

(2) Artificial intelligence application:

Showcasing the CyberLink FaceMeR AI facial recognition engine with 'deep learning' and 'human backbone' analytical skills. This application has been broadly incorporated into the 'Car Mobile Location Data Platform via Internet' and combined with the 'edge computing + image recognition + machine intelligence' solution.

(3) Smart healthcare:

This special solution integrates many domestic solutions, combined with smart mattresses, to display patient medical data on the electronic headboard. The discharge report is generated on electronic paper, which is convenient for patients to access at any time. These combine to create a 'smart ward.' Another solution is ITRI's research and development of smart medical AI applications, such as photographing wounds with a mobile APP, which then provides immediate recommendations for treatment. In addition, this service can extend to elderly and infants, by integrating SYSCOM's smart robot Ayuda. For instance, the robot can call for help to provide emergency care when an elderly patient falls, improving treatment and service.

(4) Information security:

Exhibiting SYSCOM's 'NETCenter Intelligent Network Management Platform' and SYSCOM's 'Smart-based Integrated Security Service Platform,' combining technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analysis, and fully integrated to the NOC (Network Operation Center) and SOC (Security Operation Center) ensuring complete service and comprehensive security monitoring of the Internet of Things.

(5) The smart office:

Showcase solutions from partners in Japan, Brazil and Italy to provide smarter business applications, including 'kintone' developed jointly by CloudMaster and Japan's Tokai Group using cloud service technologies from Japan's cybozu and integrating Amazon echo technology. Another application 'SONOBA COMET' is a paperless conference system from Japan's CIJ. Ofigo is a contract management solution and finally the office robot Arise (RPA).

(6)Smart energy:

Exhibiting the best power generation and grid stability control for power plants, was Japan's Fuji IT, who provides renewable energy power plants with Remote centralized management system and PPS (power producers and suppliers) supply and demand management systems. Fuji IT highlighted their success cases in Japan to help attendees better understand their products and solutions.

(7) Smart security control:

GVD exhibited their modular open web camera application platform, An Rui showed off their integrated surveillance image and IoT data management platform, and BOVIA demonstrated their intelligent AI mobile video streaming solution.

(8) Smart business solutions:

Tengyun Technology exhibited their self-checkout store solution (SCO), combined with digital payment (HOYA BOX) and equipped with the latest facial recognition AI to reduce checkout time for customers and store clerks can provide other services. This solution can be applied to chain convenience stores, unmanned stores, and more.

The Smart City Exhibition ended on 3/29. For inquiries about any of these products and solutions, please contact SYSCOM Computer. SYSCOM Computer Contact: [email protected]