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White Paper: Limitations of Steady-State Unbalanced Load Flow Software for Analysis of Induction Motor Behavior During Voltage Unbalance Conditions


With increasing levels of penetration of distributed energy resources (DER), there has been more focus in recent years on the assessment of the adequacy of distribution circuits. Three-phase distribution circuits have typically operated with high levels of unbalance. For large industrial facilities that operate from unbalanced three-phase distribution circuits, these unbalances can become problematic.

Historically, phasor-domain unbalanced steady-state load flow software has been used to model distribution systems. Due to limitations in computing power, as well as insufficient modeling data, these programs rely on a number of assumptions. The following white paper evaluates the adequacy of this simplified modeling approach with respect to motor load modeling. The results from the simulations demonstrate the need for accurate modeling of induction motor behavior during voltage unbalance conditions.

Sargent & Lundy offers numerous analytical support capabilities for all phases of distribution system operation and planning. Our staff has the expertise to perform traditional distribution system planning and to incorporate a host of new technologies into the distribution system, such as distributed energy resources, energy storage, volt/var optimization, distribution automation, and microgrids.

Authors: Michael Urbina, Alicia Allen, Joseph Cole, Eric Hope


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White paper presented at Grid of the Future 2016 held in Philadelphia, PA