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07/07/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 07/07/2020 13:00

[Podcast] The Impact of a Pandemic on Information Governance

When I think back to this time last year, I'm shocked by just how different things are since the start of COVID-19. Businesses have gone through major shifts in record time - projects like moving to a remote office environment that often takes months to complete were carried out in just a few days or weeks.

Now, as our time with COVID goes on, some of the focus has shifted from short-term business concerns like how to set up a remote working strategy, how to ensure security while working from home, and how technology might be able to help contain the spread of the virus. To now, businesses are planning for the long-term.

What effect will the pandemic have on our long-term business strategies like information governance?

On this episode, we talk with Sue Trombley Director, Global Engagement at Iron Mountain. Sue is a well-known thought-leader in information management and information governance. Tune in for a great discussion on the impact pandemic on business today and the implications when it comes to information governance.

Also on this episode, an AIIM case study exploring the real-world application of Intelligent Information Management (IIM) techniques and capabilities. This case study features Alogent and their recent efforts with Silver State Schools Credit Union. You'll hear how they leveraged better data management to bring a new level of efficiency to the credit union and improved service to credit union members.