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05/14/2019 | Press release | Archived content

Manheim, Central Dispatch Integration Delivers New Efficiencies to Dealers

- The Central Dispatch-Manheim integration is another Cox Automotive digital solution that makes buying vehicles at wholesale easier for dealers

- Combines the largest wholesale vehicle marketplace in Manheim and the largest transportation marketplace in Central Dispatch to seamlessly handle all dealer transportation needs

ATLANTA - As dealers look for ways to save time and money, Manheim is introducing a convenient new integration that makes it easier for dealers to schedule transportation for vehicles they buy at wholesale. Manheim's buyers now have seamless access to Central Dispatch's digital shipping platform to directly list vehicles on Central Dispatch.

The new integration enables dealers to directly post to Central Dispatch after inventory has been purchased. The integration is part of the broader strategy by Manheim to help dealers take full advantage of new digital technologies to more efficiently run their businesses.

'The Manheim integration with Central Dispatch creates a powerful solution that helps dealers more simply and easily handle vehicle transportation,' said Jim Williams, senior vice president of Logistics for Manheim. 'Whether shipping a vehicle across town or across the country, dealers need a logistics company they trust. With Central Dispatch, Manheim clients can instantly tap into a vast network of carriers to meet their needs.'

Central Dispatch is the largest transportation platform in the industry, averaging more than 500,000 posts monthly. Half of all Central Dispatch subscribers already buy with Manheim, providing an immediate benefit to these clients.

Manheim dealers who haven't yet transported their vehicles with Central Dispatch are eligible to try this integration for free during their first 60 days. After logging into Central Dispatch and confirming their order, dealers' purchases are directly posted to Central Dispatch, and within minutes, they will be contacted by a carrier that can transport their vehicle from the auction to its final destination.

The integration also offers Manheim dealers the ability to compare rates for transportation on Central Dispatch without even posting a vehicle. They can login and see what dealers typically pay for shipping costs to ensure Manheim's dealer clients get the most competitive rates from carriers.

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About Manheim Logistics Solutions
Manheim is North America's leading provider of end-to-end wholesale solutions for inventory management, buying and selling, floor planning, logistics, assurance and reconditioning. Manheim Logistics Solutions provide flexible and reliable vehicle transportation for dealers, auctions, commercial clients and car owners nationwide with its two offerings: Ready Logistics and Central Dispatch. Ready Logistics, a full-service option, moves vehicles quickly and conveniently, leveraging a network of 6,500+ carriers. Central Dispatch, a self-service option, offers a centralized communications platform that creates a simple and effective way to connect shippers and carriers. Headquartered in Atlanta, with its logistics office in Phoenix, AZ, Manheim is a Cox Automotive â„¢ brand. For more information, visit

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