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10/11/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/11/2021 22:16

PETROPERÚ will present a historical exhibition on the symbols of power in ancient Peru

The PETROPERÚ Cultural Center will present, next Thursday the 14th, starting at 7 p.m., its second virtual exhibition called "Huauqe: Symbols of power in ancient Peru", a show that represents the main rulers of the pre-Hispanic world and their power. Among the main characters that will be exhibited are Huayna Capac, the Lord of Sipán, the Lord of Chincha, the Lady of Cao, the Priest of Chornancap, the Lord of Vilcabamba, among others. The public will be able to follow the exhibition through the Facebook Live of the PETROPERÚ Cultural Center.

The exhibition has as its nucleus the meeting of the representations of the rulers of ancient Peru, documented by archeology and ethnohistory, through the Andean concept "Huauque". And the content of the room has been adapted using digital tools, illustrations, audio guides and videos to be visited virtually.

The exhibition will feature a series of conferences related to power, the role of women, the economy and the oracles and religion of the Andean world, whose purpose is to deepen the expressions of pre-Hispanic power in the Andes. The presentations will be in charge of specialists in the study of ancient Peru, who will deal with important topics in which the authority had a transcendental role in the modeling of ways of life.

This day is part of other activities scheduled for the month of October, such as the online interview program "Copersaciones de Oro", dedicated to the winners of the Copé de Poesía Prize. The poets Pablo Guevara, Alonso Ruiz Rosas, Miguel Ildefonso, Lasdislao Plasencki and Chrystian Zegarra will be included. The appointment is every Friday this month, from 11 a.m.

On Wednesday 20, at noon, the second date of the cycle "Copé International Dialogues" will be held by PETROPERÚ and the Peruvian Foreign Ministry. This month is dedicated to the essay and the guest country, Argentina, with the participation of distinguished exponents of the literature of that country who will dialogue with the Peruvian historian and Copé de Ensayo Prize, David Quichua Chaico.

Simultaneously, the dissemination of two current artistic exhibitions continues: The exhibition "Eyes of the Amazon" and "Heroes and heroines of Peru", via the web:

It should be remembered that access to all activities is free and they are broadcast on the PETROPERÚ Cultural Center's Facebook live and on the culture website, as part of its commitment to promoting culture and education in the country.