Stewart's Shops Corporation

01/14/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 01/14/2020 16:17

Stewart’s Shops Supports Clean Energy, Recycling and Less Waste

Here are some fun Earth Day facts that you probably didn't know about Stewart's Shops!

We recycle 6 tons of cardboard every single day.

Stewart's Shops uses Solar panels to offset power at the manufacturing plant and 17 shop locations.

Stewart's Shops manufacturing plant has 2,400 individual solar panels on its rooftop, which offsets $40k in energy costs a year. This is the environmental equivalent of taking 80 cars off the road each year.

Stewart's offsets 75% of the power of 17 locations with an offsite solar location in Halfmoon, NY.

Our 10 Vermont shops use hydroelectricity to offset their energy usage.

Stewart's recycles more than four and a half million pounds of cardboard, office paper, plastic, metal, and light bulbs recycled annually.

Our new shops and remodeled shops all feature LED lighting.

We use reusable plastic containers including totes, dairy cases, ice cream baskets and bread trays.

We sell and encourage the use of reusable coffee mugs. Customers can fill their travel mugs for only $1.20/ cup up to 32oz.

Our coffee cups are made from paper rather than Styrofoam.

We sell reusable shopping bags in all our shops.


We've teamed up with During April you'll get a free $50 Stewart's gift certificate when you enroll to save money with electricity from local solar farms! Now homeowners and renters in New York State can have lower-cost, clean energy from solar farms. Did you know? Electricity from these solar farms costs 10% less than utility electricity! Learn more about how you can reduce pollution and save money by visiting or calling 844-899-9763.