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What to do when Windows CE 6.0 reaches EOL

What to do when Windows CE 6.0 reaches EOL

October 7, 2021

Are you ready for the change?

Windows CE 6.0 will reach end of life (EOL) in early 2022. What does that mean for you if you're shipping Windows CE 6.0 designs?

Explore available Windows licenses for embedded devices or continue reading to learn more.

What's the difference between EOS and EOL?

Before we dive into Windows CE 6.0, let's clarify the difference between EOL (End of Life) and EOS, (End of Support). When a license transitions EOS, it will stop receiving security updates, whereas when a license moves to EOL, it will no longer be available for purchase or distribution. If your license is reaching EOL, it means bigger changes are needed for your products.

Check out our article specifically discussing EOS for more information, including a handy chart of EOS dates for Windows embedded IoT licenses.

Option 1: Migrate devices to a new OS

Windows CE 6.0 will reach its end-of-life date on February 28, 2022, which means as of time of publishing, you will have roughly five months to find a new OS license.

Why upgrade to a new OS? Windows CE 6.0 was originally released in 2008, so upgrading means adding two decades worth of technological advancements to your operating systems. Purchasing a newer OS license means also means your new OS is likely to come with support. These updates help to keep devices secure and increase their longevity.

Option 2: Purchase downgrade rights

Not everyone may be ready to migrate to a new OS, though. The process of testing and certifying an application on a new operating system can take months, so your project might not be ready by the February 2022 deadline. There are also less pressing reasons for delaying the migration, such as concerns about the cost of project development or potential production delays.

Whatever your reason, if you're not ready to migrate to a new OS yet, purchasing downgrade rights will allow you to continue shipping devices with Windows CE 6.0. Downgrade rights will only extend to existing Windows CE 6.0 designs and distribution will not include support from Microsoft, but you will be able to continue using Windows CE 6.0 until February 2026, four years after the EOL date.

To secure downgrade rights, you will have to purchase the Windows CE 7.0 Pro license.

This option will allow you to continue consistent distribution of your devices, while also giving you more time to prepare for an eventual upgrade.

Whether you decide to migrate to a new operating system or acquire downgrade rights for Windows CE 6.0, Bsquare can meet your licensing needs. As a Microsoft Embedded and IoT partner since 1997, Bsquare is ready to help you power the next generation of connected devices. Contact us now to get started.

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