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04/20/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/19/2018 22:36

Team camps announced for RWC 2019

  • 52 team camps selected for use at RWC 2019
  • 20 competing teams will be based across the length and breadth of Japan
  • Team camps selected in consultation with the teams to ensure optimum training environment
  • Team camps extend the reach of RWC 2019 to even more communities in Japan

Communities the length and breadth of Japan will share in the excitement of hosting Rugby World Cup 2019 following the announcement of the provisional selection of 52 team camps where the teams will stay and train.

Mirroring the excitement generated by a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Japan, applications were received by 90 cities and prefectures the length and breadth of Japan.

The announcement follows approval by World Rugby of the provisional selection made by the Japan Rugby 2019 Organising Committee after a rigorous process that has team performance and community legacy at heart.

The announcement represents another major milestone in preparation for Asia's first Rugby World Cup, extending the reach and engagement of the showcase tournament while delivering the stage for the world's top teams to perform to their potential.

The search for team camps began in 2016 and all candidates were subject to a comprehensive selection and inspection process against key hosting criteria. Every Rugby World Cup 2019 team camp will consist of an outdoor and indoor training venue, a swimming pool, gym and accommodation and will be utilised by the teams during and in the run-up to the tournament, which starts on 20 September. Camps comprise out-of-city options and match city options (all match city options are no more than 45 mins away from the match venue).

The formal appointment of these cities/prefectures as team camp hosts will be finalised upon the conclusion of an official agreement between the city or prefecture and the organising committee. Applicants who missed out will have further opportunity via festival of rugby activities, ensuring everyone in Japan is part of the tournament experience.

The team camps for the knock-out phases will be announced in due course.

World Rugby Chairman Bill Beaumont said: 'Rugby World Cup 2019 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for everyone in Japan to get behind the tournament and deliver an exceptional welcome for teams and fans as hosts. Team camps are at the heart of the tournament experience for teams, a home away from home, while representing an opportunity to further the reach and community engagement of the event. The legacy of upgraded infrastructure will also benefit communities for years to come.'

President and CEO of the Rugby World Cup 2019 Organising Committee Akira Shimazu said: 'First of all, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all of the cities/prefectures that applied to be a host of a team camp for the Rugby World Cup 2019. I would also like to congratulate all the cities/prefectures that were provisionally selected by the organising committee for this important role.

'All of the facilities that were submitted as part of the application process were of very high quality and thus we were able to provide the qualified teams with a large range of options.

'Team camps are an essential part of the tournament as these communities are where the qualified teams will train and prepare during the tournament period. We will work closely with the cities/prefectures that were provisionally selected as hosts of a team camp to progress preparations so that the players and team management gathering from all around the world can perform to their optimal level during the tournament.

'For cities/prefectures that were unfortunately not selected, there remain some exciting opportunities to contribute to the festival that is the Rugby World Cup 2019. We express our deep appreciation of their enthusiasm and commitment and look forward to their continued support in the run-up to and during the tournament.'

Just over 500 days remain until the Rugby World Cup 2019 and preparations continue to further accelerate with the beginning of the Front Row/Supporters' Club priority sales phase on 19 May. Further information about the ticketing programme can be found at and Mastercard, as a Worldwide Partner of Rugby World Cup 2019, is offering those who apply for tickets using their Mastercard the chance to receive a double entry in the ticketing ballot for the opportunity to secure tickets to each of the matches they apply for.

Provisionally selected team camps






Ichihara City, Yokohama City, Kakegawa City/Iwata City, ★Kobe City, Kasuga City


★Tokyo Metropolitan Government A, Yokohama City, Hamamatsu City, Kobe City/Hyogo Pref., Nagasaki Pref./Nagasaki City


★Tokyo Metropolitan Government B, ★Tokyo Metropolitan Government C, Hamamatsu City

Romania (※3)

Saitama City, ★Saitama Pref./Kumagaya City A, Musashino City, Ebina City, Kakegawa City/Iwata City, Awaji City/Hyogo Pref.

Play-off winner (※3)

Yamagata Pref./Yamagata City/Tendo City, ★Saitama Pref./Kumagaya City B, Nagoya City, Awaji City/Hyogo Pref., ★Fukuoka Pref./Fukuoka City


New Zealand

Urayasu City, ★Tokyo Metropolitan Government C, Ichinomiya City, Beppu City

South Africa

Urayasu City, Omaezaki City, Ichinomiya City, ★Kobe City


Shizuoka City, Toyota City, Sakai City, ★Fukuoka Pref./Fukuoka City

Africa 1 (※3)

★Iwate Pref./Miyako City, Morioka City, Machida City, Toyota City, ★Osaka Pref./Higashi Osaka City, Wakayama Pref./Kamitonda Town

Repechage winner (※3)

★Iwate Pref./Kamaishi City, Kobe City/Hyogo Pref., Nagato City, Kasuga City, ★Oita Pref./Beppu City



★Sapporo City A, Fuchu City, ★Tokyo Metropolitan Government C, ★Kobe City, Miyazaki Pref./Miyazaki City


Fuchu City, ★Tokyo Metropolitan Government A, Fujiyoshida City/Fujikawaguchiko Town, ★Kumamoto Pref./Kumamoto City A


Fukushima Pref., ★Saitama Pref./Kumagaya City A, ★Tokyo Metropolitan Government B, ★Osaka Pref./Higashi Osaka City


★Saitama Pref./Kumagaya City B, Sakai City, ★Fukuoka Pref./Fukuoka City, Yomitan Village


★Sapporo City B, ★Saitama Pref./Kumagaya City B, ★Osaka Pref./Higashi Osaka City, Sakai City, Nagasaki Pref./Shimabara City, Kumamoto Pref./Kumamoto City B



Hokkaido Pref./Ebetsu City, Urayasu City, ★Tokyo Metropolitan Government C, Kakegawa City/Iwata City, Beppu City


★Tokyo Metropolitan Government B, Toyota City, Otsu City, Kitakyushu City, ★Kumamoto Pref./Kumamoto City A, Beppu City


★Saitama Pref./Kumagaya City B, Omaezaki City, Nagoya City, Sakai City


★Sapporo City C, Abashiri City, ★Iwate Pref./Miyako City, Otsu City, ★Osaka Pref./ Higashi Osaka City, Oita City


★Iwate Pref./Kamaishi City, Kitakami City, ★Saitama Pref./Kumagaya City B, Kumamoto Pref./Kumamoto City B, Oita City