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09/11/2018 | News release | Distributed by Public on 09/11/2018 07:48

Passenger Traffic Grows Steadily at Zhukovsky Airport

The Ramport Aero company, a joint venture of Russian State Corporation Rostec and the Avia Solutions Group international holding, continues to develop Moscow's Zhukovsky International Airport. In 2018, the main operational indicators - frequency and occupancy rate of flights and the number of new destinations offered by airlines - have increased significantly.

Passenger traffic at the airport in August was 143,428 people - 270% more than in the same period in 2017. The progress it has made in 2018 has firmly placed the Moscow airport among the 30 largest airports in Russia.

'In June, we passed the 100,000-passenger mark for the first time and continued moving forward, constantly rising. At the moment, all the airport's airline partners are showing steady growth, and we expect to consolidate this success. The average occupancy rate for flights in August was 93%, which opens up possibilities for further increases in frequency and new destinations,' said Ramport Aero general director Tomas Vaisvila.

The constant increase in passenger traffic on the existing routes shows the high potential of the airport. This can play a significant role in the future.

'The airports of the Moscow air hub are experiencing a serious load today due to increasing passenger traffic through Moscow. In numbers, that is more than 80 million people to date, in the coming 10-15 years that figure will grow significantly. The availability of another functional and affordable airport in the Moscow Region will help increase the capacity of the air hub,' said Rostec director for international cooperation Victor Kladov.

At the moment, Zhukovsky is implementing the second stage of development of the ground infrastructure. By the end of 2018, the airport will open a ZIA Cargo international cargo terminal. In 2019-2021, passenger infrastructure will be significantly improved. The area of ​​the passenger terminal will be increased, a hotel will be built at the airport and the range of nonaviation services provided will be expanded.

Zhukovsky International Airport (Moscow Region) is a Russian international airport located in the southeast of Moscow Region, 23 km. from the capital. The airport is located on the territory of the Ramenskoe airfield, which has the longest runway in Europe (5,500 m.), making it possible to receive passenger and cargo aircraft of any type. Zhukovsky won the 2017 Russia's Air Gate award in the category 'international airport with passenger flow of up to 0.5 million people.'