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09/08/2018 | News release | Distributed by Public on 09/07/2018 22:46

Congratulations on Lanzhou Sunfonda Huabao BMW trial operation officially started! ...

In August 29, 2018, Lanzhou Sunfonda Huabao BMW was accepted by the manufacturers, and trial operation was officially launched.

Lanzhou Sunfonda Huabao BMW belongs to Sunfonda Group and is the second BMW dealer under Sunfonda Group. Relying on the group's excellent management model, Lanzhou Sunfonda Huabao BMW will bring local consumers beyond expectations of excellent service experience.

Lanzhou Sunfonda Huabao BMW is the group's second brand store in Lanzhou area, with a floor area of 5,700 square meters, and Sunfonda Lanzhou Porsche Center to form a high-end luxury brand line-up, bringing a more dignified car life to local users.

New car exhibition area

Customer rest area

Maintenance area

After sale service reception

A dynamic and passionate team is ready to go