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09/27/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 09/27/2021 07:23

Patients Spotlight Nuclear Medicine in Prominent Magazine/Website

September 27, 2021

In the past two weeks, interviews of patient advocates Josh Mailman and Theresa Wickerham were featured in Authority Magazine and the website ThriveGlobal. The stories outline how they are surviving cancer with help from nuclear medicine diagnostics, therapies and theranostics. They also reinforce that nuclear medicine offers safe, effective and precise diagnosis and therapy for treating cancers. These stories reach an audience base of 2.2 million.

Josh Mailman has been living with neuroendocrine cancer for 15 years. After his initial diagnosis, Mailman made it his goal to educate himself on his disease. In the process, he attended a conference where he learned about nuclear medicine, which helped diagnosis his cancer. Later, he traveled to Europe to receive an investigational nuclear medicine therapy. "This not only changed the path of my disease, but it also changed it for tens of thousands of those that have come after me since the approval of theranostics in Europe and the United States in 2017-2018." Read Josh's interview in Authority Magazine or Thrive Global.

Theresa Wickerham fought off thyroid cancer with surgery and nuclear medicine radioiodine therapy. Later in life, PET imaging supported diagnosis and staging of her epithelioid sarcoma. "Nuclear medicine is safe," says Wickerham, and it helped her become "free and clear" through precise diagnosis and effective treatment. "Nuclear medicine diagnostics and therapies have made it easier to find and understand the cancer more precisely than we thought possible," she added. Read Theresa's interview in Authority Magazine or Thrive Global.

These consumer news stories help us to educate and build awareness of nuclear medicine and illustrate how it can improve the quality and quantity of life for those with cancer.