Office of the State’s Attorney’s for Baltimore City

07/13/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/13/2020 10:35

State's Attorney's Statement on Statewide Decarceration Announcement

Below is a statement from Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby, following Governor Hogan's announcement that he would release 1000 individuals from correctional facilities to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in prisons and jails: 'This is a victory for public health, public safety, and common sense. We applaud the Governor for taking these important steps and are pleased to see him incorporate many of the recommendations we made in a proposal we sent around a month ago. We stand ready to work with his office on implementing his plan, and will continue to develop our own policies. These actions will prevent more deaths among incarcerated people, correctional staff, and Marylanders as a whole.'
From the onset of this crisis, the State's Attorney has taken numerous actions to push the Governor to release people and prevent the spread of the disease, including:
On March 18
, only two days after the Governor closed all schools in the state, State's Attorney Mosby sent her first letter to the Governor requesting that the Governor set decarceral guidelines on prisons and jails.
On March 23
, State's Attorney Mosby, the ACLU, Johns Hopkins Public Health officials, and other groups, sent a detailed proposal to Governor Hogan outlining recommendations on how to reduce the numbers of those incarcerated.
On March 25
, State's Attorney Mosby wrote an oped with Johns Hopkins Public Health professionals published in the Washington Post calling for the Governor to take action on prisons and jails.
On March 28
, after coordination with State's Attorney Mosby's policy and media team, over 200 Johns Hopkins medical professionals called on the Governor to take action on prisons and jails.
In April 2, after coordination with State's Attorney Mosby's policy and media team, law enforcement and correctional leaders sent a letter to Governor Hogan requesting action.
On April 12
, media reported the first inmate death in Maryland prisons and State's Attorney Mosby released a new statement calling on the Governor to take urgent action .
On April 13
in response to the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases and the death in Maryland's prisons and jails, State's Attorney Mosby sent a third letter requesting action from the Governor and enumerating all the actions to release prisoners that had been taken by governors across the country.
On April 16
, after coordination State's Attorney Mosby's policy team, the entire state's Democratic Congressional delegation sent a letter to Governor Hogan encouraging action on prisons and jails.