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x-ray mail threat detection for mailrooms

x-ray mail threat detection for mailrooms

13 September 2021

We live in an increasingly dangerous world. Postal and courier services are often used by terrorists, campaigners, hoaxers and disgruntled employees. Mailrooms and post rooms have been considered a 'soft' option. The effective way to protect staff and prevent hoax disruption is to use x-ray mail threat detection system.

The system complies with British Standards Institute's PAS 97:2021 Mail screening and security standard.

Letters, packets and parcels can contain explosive or incendiary devices. Alternately, they may include sharps, blades, offensive materials or hazardous 'White Powders' such as chemical, biological, drugs or explosives. All of these can be found with the right x-ray mail threat detection.

Hoaxes are as disruptive as real threats to an organization. Until it is seen as a hoax it must be treated as a threat. Differentiating between them with X-ray technology is fast, causing minimal disruption. This also reduces stress on staff.

As an example, a powder threat can easily be delivered as the material is light and is very often hard to detect. A hoax, if not handled correctly can also disrupt your business, resulting in a loss of revenue through evacuation of your premises or damage to corporate image.

Our ground breaking security screening technology gives you the tools to help safeguard your business.

Threats that can be identified with x-ray screening technology include

  • Explosives
  • Chemical and biological threats
  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Malicious mail

The two main types of X-ray mail security systems are cabinet and conveyor, depending on the amount of mail.

Conveyor Systems

3DX-Ray AXIS™ conveyor belt systems are designed for checking large mail quantities. They can also be used for bags, carried or bulky items. Simple to use they offer powerful imaging and analysis tools to help identify threat items. And they can differentiate between materials and provide superb image quality for rapid and accurate interpretation.

AXIS™ system are compact and fit in areas where space is limited.

AXIS™ systems offer:-

  • Enhanced threat detection
  • Ease of use
  • Accurate information that simplifies decisions
  • Speedy throughput
  • A range of tunnel sizes
  • Single item, batch or 100% screening
  • High quality images and materials discrimination
  • 'Threat Image Projection' (TiP) software that minimises training time and optimises operator performance

AXIS™-CXi cabinet systems

AXIS™-CXi is a cabinet-based mail screening system. It is designed to help identify threats, such as bombs, weapons, 'White Powders' and other dangerous items. Being small and mobile it can easily be relocated.

It provides aviation standard materials discrimination. This helps distinguish between different types of threat and between genuine threats and hoaxes. It has a large inspection chamber and imaging area but a small footprint.

The AXIS™-CXi X-ray mail threat detection system gives unrivalled image resolution and easy to use, industry-leading, image processing software. It also provides aviation standard materials discrimination and advanced powder detection.