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Sunrise launches Sunrise We and Roger Federer is singing

'Sunrise is setting the pace. The biggest and fastest 5G network, the fastest landline Internet including fiber connections, the best service, the most innovative offers. Never before have there been offers with this level of convergence. We offer everything people and their families and friends need, for going about their daily lives and working digitally in small businesses. The more products existing and new customers combine, the more they benefit. This is how we are strengthening our position in convergent mobile and Internet offers even further, backed by an unbeatable campaign with Roger Federer,' said André Krause, CEO of Sunrise, summarizing the new Sunrise We product portfolio.

For on the go: Sunrise We Mobile

We Mobile XL

We Mobile L

We Mobile M

Mobile classic

Mobile start

Unlimited surfing, calls, SMS/MMS in Switzerland

Unlimited surfing, calls, SMS/MMS in Switzerland

Unlimited surfing, calls, SMS/MMS in Switzerland

Unlimited surfing, calls, SMS/MMS, WhatsApp messaging, 5 GB high-speed Internet

Unlimited calls Sunrise mobile network + 3 favorite numbers, SMS/MMS, WhatsApp messaging, surfing, 1.5 GB high-speed Internet

5G included
up to 2 Gbit/s

5G included
up to 200 Mbit/s

5G included
up to 100 Mbit/s

5G included
up to 50 Mbit/s

5G included
up to 50 Mbit/s

TV on the go:
TV neo

TV on the go:
TV neo

TV on the go:
TV neo light

Unlimited surfing and calling within Europe

Unlimited surfing and calling within Europe

Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS to Europe

CHF 100.-

CHF 80.-

CHF 65.-

CHF 50.-

CHF 25.-

Every additional subscription: CHF 40.-

The new Sunrise We Mobile subscriptions cover all the demands of digital daily life:

  • The more the better: Select the right We Mobile subscription for you, and every extra subscription gets the same services for just CHF 40.-/month, with no end date or minimum contract duration. This means customers on the same bill can benefit from a discount of up to 60% on all additional Sunrise We Mobile subscriptions, without having to take out a landline subscription.
  • 5G Internet on the biggest and fastest 5G network in Switzerland is included with all Sunrise We Mobile subscriptions, at no additional cost (no need to subscribe a 5G option). Sunrise customers get speeds of up to 2 Gbit/s with extra-fast response times, perfect for 5G gaming through the Sunrise Game Cloud, for example.
  • Entertainment on the go:
    - Includes Sunrise TV neo for watching TV on the go, with more than 240 TV channels, 7 days of ComeBack TV, 100 hours of recordings, Download-to-Go and much more, on smartphones, tablets and laptops (or just livestreaming with TV neo light for We Mobile M).
    - Free Apple Music for the first 6 months. Unlimited Apple Music data traffic is also included with the Mobile classic and Mobile start subscriptions.
  • Europe roaming flat rate for surfing, messaging and making calls (We Mobile XL, We Mobile L).
  • Established benefits remain unchanged: No minimum duration, the ability to change from one Sunrise We Mobile subscription to another at any time, and fully transparent costs thanks to separate billing for mobile subscriptions and monthly payments for smartphones and other devices.

With the Sunrise We Young subscriptions, all those under 30 additionally benefit from:

  • An additional CHF 10.- discount on the monthly cost of Sunrise We Mobile.
  • 50% discount on the Half Fare Travelcard.
  • Unlimited data in Switzerland and 500 MB/month of data roaming in Europe for combined WhatsApp messaging, Snapchat and Apple Music for subscriptions with no national or roaming flat rate.
  • Forever Young: Customers who switch to Sunrise before their 30th birthday get to keep their Young subscription and exclusive Young benefits (except the Half Fare Travelcard) - forever.

Sunrise We Mobile and Office subscriptions are also geared towards the self-employed and small businesses. They additionally benefit from:

  • Up to 3 data SIM cards included free with a We Mobile subscription.
  • Protection from outages thanks to the Connection Back-Up Option with We Office for just CHF 5.-/month.
  • Up to CHF 30.- discount on We Office when combined with a We Mobile subscription.
  • Attractive multi-line options for We Office - enabling up to 10 landline numbers to be added.

The travel unlimited US & Canada option includes a flat rate for international calls and roaming connections outside of Europe. This can be activated for 30 days or 12 months.

US & Canada monthly

US & Canada yearly

Unlimited surfing in the US (incl. Puerto Rico) and Canada, including 40 GB high-speed Internet

Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS within the US (incl. Puerto Rico) and Canada, as well as to and from Switzerland.

Duration 30 days

Duration: 12 months

CHF 35.-

CHF 30.-/month

For home and office: Sunrise We Home

We Home XL+ - the convenient carefree package




Speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s
Upload & download

240+ channels, 4K/UHD channels,

7 days of ComeBack TV, 500 hours

of cloud recordings, streaming

on up to 6 devices

Unlimited calls

to all networks in Switzerland

Package price CHF 75.-

Price without We Mobile CHF 100.-

We Home - the perfect combination for every home and small business


We Home L

up to 10 Gbit/s
Upload & download

We Home M

up to 500 Mbit/s
Upload & download

We Home S

up to 100 Mbit/s
Upload & download

CHF 70.-

(CHF 95.- without We Mobile)

CHF 50.-

(CHF 75.- without We Mobile)

CHF 40.-

(CHF 55.- without We Mobile)

Surf protect home

1 month for free, then CHF 5.-/month


TV neo max

240+ channels, 7 days of ComeBack TV, 500 hours of cloud recordings, simultaneous streaming on up to 6 devices


230+ channels, including more than 30 Pay TV channels, 7 days of ComeBack TV, 1200 hours of cloud recordings, Sunrise Smart TV app


200+ channels, 30 hours of ComeBack TV, 60 hours of cloud recordings

CHF 20.-

CHF 35.-

CHF 25.-


We Phone L

Unlimited calls to all networks in Switzerland

Call filter included

We Phone M

13 cts./min. to Swiss landlines

43 cts./min. to Swiss mobile networks

Call filter included

CHF 15.-

included with every Internet connection

Sunrise offers the fastest landline Internet including fiber connections with the fastest response times (latency). The new Sunrise We Home subscriptions include everything you need for digital life either at home or working in a small business:

  • Convenient carefree package or individually combined packages: It's the customer's choice. Either take the convenient carefree package We Home XL+, now always with the fastest available Internet connection up to 10 Gbit/s at the respective address, the most advanced TV offers and free calling in Switzerland - or choose a combination of Internet, TV and landline packages to suit your needs.
  • New, higher Internet speeds with up to 10 Gbit/s possible with any combination.
  • Choose between TV neo max with more than 240 channels, 7 days of comeback and 500 hours of recording via the state-of-the-art Sunrise TV app on Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast and mobile devices, or TV L or TV M including the Sunrise UHD TV Box with more than 230 channels, Teleclub, Sky Sport and Sky Show, Netflix and now Amazon Prime Video
  • A discount for everyone: All Sunrise We Mobile customers benefit from a permanent discount on their Internet subscription of up to CHF 25.-, or up to CHF 30.-/month for small businesses.
  • Family Roaming: if Sunrise We Home is combined with a Sunrise We Mobile subscription, unlimited calls between all fixed and mobile numbers on the same bill are free within in Switzerland, Europe, the US and Canada (including roaming).

Sunrise integrates Prime Video into the TV Box

With Sunrise TV neo max and Sunrise We TV L and M, customers can choose between box-free modern TV streaming and digital TV with a classic set-top box. At the end of September, more than 10 channels will be added to TV neo max (including Cartoon Network FR, RTL 9 HD, Swiss1 HD, Auftanken TV and more) taking the total upwards of 240. Sunrise is also the first national telecommunications provider to integrate the popular Amazon Prime Video service into its Sunrise TV Box. This means customers can enjoy hit Amazon productions like 'The Boys' (season 1 & 2) and 'Modern Love' at the push of a button, without installing the app.

TV neo max


Devices (big screen)

Apple TV or Samsung Smart TV

Sunrise TV Box incl.

Simultaneous viewing

6 streams

Max. 3 TV Boxes*

Teleclub package and Sports options and/or individual purchase of games



Combinable streaming services

Additional apps are available via the (TV) App stores of Apple, Samsung and Google, e.g. Disney+, Sky Sport, Sky Show, Netflix, Dazn, Prime Video

Pre-installed streaming services on the Sunrise TV Box: Teleclub, Sky Sports, Sky Show, Netflix, Prime Video

*Additional TV Box for CHF 10.- per month

With devices and accessories

In addition to device plans, which can be used to buy a smartphone with a freely selectable down payment starting from CHF 1.- followed by 24 monthly installments, Sunrise is the first and only telecommunications provider in Switzerland to offer additional devices with the Sunrise accessory plan. Customers with a Sunrise We Home subscription can, for example, purchase Samsung's TVs such as the brand new 'The Sero', a Sonos Beam Sound Bar, an Apple iPad 32 GB and Apple TV 4K, again with their choice of down payment from CHF 1.- and then 24 monthly installments. The accessory plan is the perfect complement to Sunrise We Home subscriptions, meaning customers can get their home entertainment solution directly from Sunrise. Sunrise We Home customers can buy up to five devices with the Sunrise accessory plan, which is clearly itemized on the Sunrise monthly bill, without interest or additional charges.

Roger Federer sings 'With a little help from my friends' by the Beatles for Sunrise.

In a new campaign, Roger Federer promotes Sunrise We by singing the Beatles' 'With a little help from my friends', with more and more people joining in and supporting him. In this way, the campaign communicates the main message of Sunrise We: The more people join, the better it gets for all of us - something great gets even greater. In short: 'The more. The better.' The campaign launches on TV on September 21 and will be broadcast on all channels from September 28. The new video with Roger Federer can be found here:

Leading mobile network, fastest landline internet, best service, innovative offers

Sunrise has been consistent in implementing its quality strategy for years now, focusing on a leading mobile network, the best service and innovative offers. This is reflected in its record-high recommendation rate (8 out of 10 customers would recommend Sunrise) and multiple distinctions in many quality tests carried out by leading economic and specialist magazines:

With the new Sunrise We offers, all customers can take advantage of this quality, getting even more for even more affordable prices.