Taichung City Government

10/29/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/29/2018 00:20

Have an Easy Tour in the Floral Expo, Taichung Floral Expo Park Guide, Opened Online Reservation

Taichung Floral Expo debuted in the three major parks of Houli, Waipu and Fengyuan from November 3 to April 24, in order to provide rich, real-time information and guided reservations. '2018 Taichung World Floral Expo Official Website' (https://2018floraexpo.tw/) was re-launched, and the park tour and the pavilion's online reservation service were opened. People are welcome to make reservations via mobile phone or computer.

According to the municipal government, it will open the reserved exhibition halls from now on, including the Daai Environmental Protection Technology Humanities Pavilion, the Smart Agriculture Pavilion and Lenong Pavilion in the Waipu Park; the Huawu Pavilionl in Houli Racecourse; the Ayoi Craft Land and Discovery Pavilion in the Forest Park; In addition, the Fengyuan Huludun Park is a free visit site and visitors may enter the park without an appointment.

The municipal government pointed out that in order to provide better viewing quality, the city government will determine the number of admissions, admission rules and opening hours of the exhibition hall according to the size and scale of each exhibition pavilion. In the 'Admission Reservation' section, the earliest appointment time is 15 days in advance, and the latest appointment time is 10 minutes ahead. The same mobile phone number can be reserved for up to 1 time each day (excluding the park); these made reservation shall make registration in the designated place 10 minutes in advance, if it exceeds 10 minutes, it will be processed according to the number of people reported on the spot or re-queued on the spot.

The 'Park Guide Appointment' section is for group tour. The number of people for appointment per group is 20 to 40. The volunteers will lead the park tour. The tour routes of each park include highlights of the outdoor park, key introductions of the pavilion, and special plants of the park. The tour time includes 4 fixed time sections, namely, 9:30, 11:00, 13:30, and 15:00. The total length of time is one hour (including walking time). The earliest time of the appointment is 15 days in advance, and the latest appointment is 7 days in advance. On the same day and the same account number (mobile number), the three campuses can be reserved for up to 2 sessions in the morning and afternoon.

The municipal government pointed out that in order to echo the concept of low-carbon environmental protection, the appointment service is electronically paperless. After the successful appointment, the public will receive the verification number newsletter. Once the verification code is successfully entered within 10 minutes, the system will send the letter of confirmation to the e-mail address, you can easily enter the pavilion by presenting the QRcode in the admission.

At the same time, the website also provides the 'reservation inquiry/cancellation' service, allowing people to enter the reservation number or mobile phone number at any time by mobile phone or computer to check the reservation content or cancel the admission. Visitors can also cancel appointment in the appointment system1 day in advance. It will remind the visitors of the appointment cancellation. However, if the overdue or registration failure reaches more than more than 3 times, the mobile phone number will be cancelled. Please pay special attention to it.