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#OHCommunitySpotlight Has a Magical Time in the Chicken Capital of America, Barberton, Ohio

This weeks #GOPCThread is another in our #OHCommunitySpotlight series, as this month we travel to the Magic City, the Chicken Capital of America, Barberton, Ohio.

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Today, GOPC visits Barberton, Ohio for our #OHCommunitySpotlight! Located in Summit County, the 'Magic City' is known for many things - including matches, fried chicken, and mums galore! #GOPCThread

To the world, Barberton may be best known for the famous Barberton Fried Chicken. This Serbian-style fried chicken is a staple of the community - and is one of the few classifications given to fried chicken around the world. #GOPCThread

In the 19th Century, Barberton was coined the 'Magic City,' as the industrial years brought rapid population growth and expansion to the city. This population growth was much attributed to Ohio Columbus Barber, who founded the city in 1891. #GOPCThread

Barber, an American industrialist, brought his company - the Diamond Match Company - to Barberton. With great expansion, Diamond was soon producing 250 million matches per day. Such a boom in industry brought people - and with so many new residents so quickly, it became known as the 'Magic City.' #GOPCThread

Barberton is a legacy city, much like its peers, having an industrial past and experiencing population loss. However, it is evident that community leaders and residents have a strong sense of Pride in Place, and are proud to call Barberton home. #GOPCThread

Downtown Barberton is mostly intact and occupied by a historic theater, local book store, Ignite Brewery, library, and long standing merchants #GOPCThread

Barberton is known for the beautiful Lake Anna, which sits in the center of the downtown core. Lake Anna provides Barbertonians with a recreational center to walk/jog around its trail, or catch a summer band series in the heart of downtown. #GOPCThread

Lake Anna Park also explodes with color for Barberton's annual Mums Festival! Tens of thousands of chrysanthemums bloom in the heart of Lake Anna Park, bringing entertainment, beauty, and fun to the area. #GOPCThread

Barberton is part of the @OECanalway, providing easy access to over 100 miles of bike/walking paths on the @TowpathTrail. #GOPCThread

As of 2018, Barberton had more than 9000 people employed within the city boundaries. Of those 9000, around 11% reside in Barberton. Nearly nine in ten Barbertonians who are employed outside of the city. #GOPCThread

Today, Barberton's largest employers include BWX Technologies, which employs more than 800 people, and the Barberton Summa Hospital. Other employers are located within the Akron metro region, as Barberton is located within 10 miles of Akron. #GOPCThread

A pillar of Barberton, the Barberton Community Foundation serves as a supporting organization to the City of Barberton and Barberton Schools. One of the first investments of the Foundation was the $32 million construction of the Barberton High School. #GOPCThread

The #Barberton City Schools have a beautiful middle school and high school campuses with teachers and staff committed to the success of every student. #GOPCThread

Today, Barbertonians are proud of their city - and are working to energize and revitalize. The energy and commitment to Barberton's future is inspiring and is driving Barberton's renaissance #GOPCThread