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04/04/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/04/2018 08:08

Makedonski Telekom opens digital talents incubator

  • A team of students will work on developing applications for digitization
  • The students get the opportunity to develop their professional potential

Makedonski Telekom opened digital talents incubator, comprised of a team of students, who will work on developing applications for digital transformation. In addition to the digitalization of the Telekom processes, the team will also work on other innovative applications with an ultimate goal of digitizing the society.

The students, coming from the area of IT, telecommunications and e-business, were selected from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies, the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Economics. At the beginning the team will comprise twenty students, the number of which will gradually grow. The best students will be able to get employment and acquire international experience from the best telecommunication company in the country. Makedonski Telekom perceives the digital transformation as a continuous journey in which it will also involve the young people who follow the latest trends and who will offer innovative solutions.

'Nothing can change our life so profoundly as the digitization process. And we in Telekom are very serious when we say that we want to be a leader in that process. This new partnership is a win-win combination for both sides - we as a corporation get fresh and new ideas, whereas the students get a strategic partner for development of their ideas and their professional potential. We are working on discovering and building professionals and we encourage them to have innovative approach in their work and we also expect this business model to deliver positive results very soon'- said Andreas Elsner, the Chief Executive Officer of Makedonski Telekom.

The applications that will be created by the students should primarily contribute to the simplification of the work processes in Telkom and, with the time, to also transform the company's products and services.
Telekom equipped premises for the new team following the example of the global technology giants in order to provide them with inspiring work conditions.