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07/13/2017 | Press release | Archived content

Resumption of coal transport along the Odra Waterway

The first test transportation to Kogeneracja Wrocław (2 thousand tons of coal) is planned in mid-July: OT Logistics' barges will carry coal to Wrocław from the port in Gliwice. Coal will be delivered to the port from the Sośnica Mine by block trains consisting of 40 special Fas-type wagons. OT Logistics commissioned Śląskie Centrum Logistyki to perform the reloading from wagons onto barges. If the cruise meets no obstacles along the waterway, OT Logistics plans to transport to Wrocław 20 thousand tons of coal per month till the end of year.

- Resumption of coal transport along the Odra Waterway may be perceived as a symbol of upcoming changes of inland shipping in Poland. We hope that, first of all, commercial transportation will return to the Upper Odra. Silesia needs an inland waterway connection with the rest of the country. Inland navigation is an indispensable part of intermodal transport currently developing and should become a strong third branch of transport, alongside roads and railway - Andrzej Klimek said, the Vice President of the Management Board and the Head of Inland Shipping Division at OT Logistics. We count on the success of governmental plans to restore the patency of the Odra Waterway and reinstate the transport function of Polish rivers, one they had performed since the Middle Ages, but which was abandoned in the last decades. Water transportation is the most environment-friendly form of transport, which will support the growth of trade in goods in the country and allow to unburden road haulage. For its part, OT Logistics Group is ready to support Polish logistics through a significant increase in the volume of goods carried along rivers - Andrzej Klimek added.

The objectives of investment projects planned by the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation (MGMiŻŚ), defined in the 'Assumptions for the plans of inland waterways development in Poland in the years 2016-2020 with the 2030 perspective', include meeting international class navigability requirements on the Odra Waterway and incorporating it into the European waterways network. In addition, by joining United Nation's AGN Convention Poland obliged itself to adapt its main inland waterways to the Class IV navigability requirements.

Coal will be transported along the route Port Gliwice - Wrocław by three tows of barges pushed by Tur-type pushers. Barges have to cover the distance of 200 km, along Silesian Canal and Odra River. The cruise requires passing through 27 locks.