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10/15/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/15/2021 06:31

To Ebay: Please stop with the false advertising and changing ETA`s

I was doing a few edits this morning and noticed ebay is advertising my items as "4 day delivery" (screenshot below). I`ve always sold with the mindset of underselling to help keep customer expectation to the low side. I live in TN. We have one of the most problematic USPS sort facilities in the nation so I have bumped out my handling times to 3 days and ship within 1 in hopes to compensate a little for USPS` poor service. Bumping handling times out and shipping faster isn`t working because ebay sets a new ETA when you print the label.

4 day delivery, IMO, is blatant false advertising. As a buyer, I`d rather see honesty and transparency so I can make an informed purchase. As a seller, I think it`s wrong for ebay to change ETA dates after a purchase.....period! Terms of a sale should never be changed post sale. As a buyer or seller I`m not allowed to change the terms post sale so why is ebay? I don`t want to make sales under false pretenses, it`s wrong to do.

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