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04/10/2017 | News release | Distributed by Public on 04/10/2017 09:31

CalTRUST Funds a Great Option for Investing Property Tax Proceeds

CalTRUST, the CSDA-endorsed investment pool, provides special districts and other local agencies with a safe, convenient means of maintaining liquidity while diversifying investments. The CalTRUST Government Money Market Fund (MMF) and CalTRUST Heritage MMF provide same-day liquidity, while the CalTRUST Short-Term Fund provides next-day liquidity, and the CalTRUST Medium-Term Fund gives investors weekly liquidity. Together, the CalTRUST Funds give investors a highly-efficient means of allocating funds across the 0-5 year maturity range and a cost-free means of re-allocating among the funds as local circumstances change.With total assets now over $2.8 billion and yields consistently higher than LAIF, CalTRUST Funds are an ideal option for special districts when it comes to the investment of property tax proceeds. To learn how your agency can participate, visit www.caltrust.org or call 888.422.8778.

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