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FN5420 - Schaffner Power Quality introduces a new...

FN5420 - Schaffner Power Quality introduces a new line up of output filters and reactors

Schaffner, the international leader in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality, is pleased to announce its new line up of sine wave filters and dv/dt reactors.

Both, the FN5420 series of sine wave filters and RWK 5420 series of dv/dt reactors are designed to offer outstanding filtering performance at the output side of variable frequency drive and converters.

The new sine wave filters FN 5420 convert the rectangular PWM output voltage (phase-to-phase) of motor drives into a smooth sine wave with very low residual ripple (<5%). This significantly reduces premature aging of motor windings and insulation caused by high dv/dt, overvoltage, cable ringing and motor overheating. Bearing lifetime is also improve by reducing the currents flowing through the bearing. At the same time, they reduce the acoustic noise from the motor. On addition all filter sizes of the FN5420 series allow for a cable length of at least 1000 m.

The new compact design offers easy installation and real plug and play setup. With capacitors being integrated and pre-wired, the only need for installation is to connect the 3 phases at input and output and make use of the very easy fixing of the filter with 4 screws. An integrated thermal switch allows for state-of-the art safety measures by monitoring the filter temperature in the system.

With the introduction of the new dv/dt reactor 6% series RWK 5420 Schaffner offers a more economical solution for the output side of variable frequency drives. It will reliably reduce the drive output voltage dv/dt, also called voltage overshoot. Those fast waveform pulses create the voltage distortion and spikes that can cause damage to the motors insulation system and shorten the motor service life. On addition RWK 5420 also covers applications in which sine wave filters do not suit such as high dynamic applications.

While using Schaffner FN 5420 and RWK 5420 the quality and reliability of the complete system is improved. Furthermore, the service life cycle of electrical equipment is extended, and energy costs can be reduced. FN 5420 series and RWK 5420 series guarantee compliance with the requirements of EN 61558-2-20 or EN 60076-6 and FN 5420 series is also compliant with UL/EN 61800-5-1 and other stringent national or international power quality standards. All FN 5420 filters and RWK 5420 reactors are CE-marked, UKCA-marked, UL listed/recognized and RoHS compliant.

Both new series will seamlessly integrate in the existing product portfolio, making Schaffner your one-stop shop covering all EMC and power quality topics along with leading pre- and after sales services.

For further information, please consult the output filter section, get in touch with your regional Schaffner sales or Schaffner partner for individual support.

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