Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan

09/06/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/06/2021 03:03

AERA made a report for August 2021


In August, agency received 662 citizen appeals directly and from the Ministry of Energy

natural gas supply, on electricity, and other fields:

556- power supply (30 for information);

52- natural gas supply (4 for information);

0- heat supply;

54- various issues (13 for information).

270 out of 662 appeals were investigated and answered by the Agency (8 appeals have been been sent to the relevant authorities for investigating and taking appropriate measures);

3 appeal was jointly executed in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy;

342 appeals are currently being implemented;

12 out of 47 informative appeals were letters of thanks related to solving of problems raised.


The commissioning acts were provided to the external electrical installations of 20

new or reconstructed construction facilities, including the ones that increased capacity

modified its power supply scheme;

Project documents of 19 electrical installations on the power supply to various construction facilities were expertised and agreed;

4 project documents were rejected due to the shortcomings found;

In accordance with the agreed 42 projects, the operation of the completed industrial gas facilities was allowed;

213 project documents of construction facilities were expertised and agreed;

4 project documents were rejected due to the shortcomings found;

It was found out that 3 facilities were connected to electricity networks without technical documentation;

The technical condition of 4 electric meters was checked with the participation of the representatives of 'Azerenergy' OJSC, 'Azerishig' OJSC.

7 protocols on Administrative Violations were prepared by Agency, and 8 decisions on them were made;


15 technical investigations were carried out related to technical operation of electrical facilities, observance of the safety rules and the status of the use of electricity;

14 technical inspections were carried out to investigate the status of observance of the requirements of the efficient use of gas, 'Rules on the Use of Gas' and reliable operation of gas equipment, as well as other normative legal acts.


On the basis of consumers' appeals, 60 electro technical staff and safety engineers in 17 enterprises have been checked for knowledge of labor safety, technical operation and safety, and proposals were made to increase knowledge and methodological assistance was provided.


238 appeals were received for connection of enterprises to electricity network through the Technical Councils. All applications were received at Technical Councils in 15 'ASAN service' and 2 'ASAN Kommunal' Centers, 2 SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises). All appeals were investigated and answered.