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European Urban History and the Value of Studying Urban Regions

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20Years_The AISU Lectures organized by Associazione Italiana di Storia Urbana (AISU).

In the talk Peter Clark will argue for the value of studying urban regions for understanding the theme of this lecture series- European urban history and its cultural geographies, taking the period from the Middle Ages to the present time. Until recently Europe's urban regions have been insufficiently recognized by urban historians, but that is starting to change. After discussing the existing literature he will illustrate his argument through a historical case study of the evolution of the outer Northern urban region. Peter Clark will conclude with a general discussion of some of the key problems and research dividends of a regional approach.

The lecturer:
Peter Clark - Born in Kent in England and was educated at Balliol College, Oxford University where he was taught by the leading Marxist historian Christopher Hill. He was afterwards a research fellow at Magdalen College, Oxford and the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton (USA) before becoming a Lecturer and then Professor at the University of Leicester. In 1985 he helped establish the Centre for Urban History at Leicester where he was director for many years. In 1989 he was co-founder of the European Association for Urban History and was Treasurer until 2010. In 2000 he was elected Professor of European Urban History at the University of Helsinki; he is now Emeritus Professor. He was awarded an honorary doctorate by Stockholm University in 2012. He has lectured in England, the United States, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Japan and numerous other countries. He has written or edited over 20 books including the Cambridge Urban History of Britain (Cambridge, 2000), European Cities and Towns 400-2000 (Oxford, 2009), and the Oxford Handbook of Cities in World History (Oxford, 2013). Recently he edited with Denis Menjot, Subaltern City? Alternative and Peripheral Urban Spaces in the Pre-Modern Period (13th -18th Centuries) (Brepols, 2019) His current research includes work on Finnish and Nordic urban history and European Capital Cities 1850-2000. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Clark_(historian).

The event will be held on Zoom platform.
Simultaneous English / Italian translation will be available.

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