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Future-proof networks with SASE and SD-WAN.

Networking Solutions - Oct 21, 2021

Future-proof networks with SASE and SD-WAN.

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Published on Oct 21, 2021.
Whaling - Phishing attacks on upper management.
Whaling is always good for controversy. In this instance, however, the whales in question aren't the aquatic marine mammals, but upper-level managers. Whaling is the name given to a specific form of phishing targeting high-profile end users. We'll be looking at how cybercriminals can cause extensive damage through whaling, how these attacks tend to unfold, and what businesses can do to protect themselves.
Five Questions for Sonja Saß, IT forensics specialist at Bechtle
Sonja Saß has been working as an IT forensics specialist at the IT system house in Chemnitz for two and a half years. Born in Hamburg, she developed an interest in forensics at an early age. She first learned to apply the whole thing in the digital environment during her studies. In this interview, Sonja gives us an insight into her increasingly important job and tells us which skills are indispensable for it.
Email security at schools and universities - With Trend Micro solutions.
Teachers and lecturers alike write and receive countless e-mails per day, and this means of communication constitutes a large amount of document exchange. Homework is sent to teachers or presentations by students to the professor for review. Cyber criminals regularly attack the e-mail systems of educational facilities, as these are often high-performance and their users generate a lot of mail. Another point is that these systems depend on powerful network connections and that very often free mail server systems are used.
Cybersecurity-Know-how für Geschäftsführende. Teil 4.2: Cybersecurity als Business Enabler im Bereich Operational Technology (OT).
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MFA/2FA/OTP - Secure authentication in the age of the cloud.
Employees' identities have become the top risk factor and one thing is clear-the coronavirus pandemic has significantly increased the attack surface for cyberattacks and many businesses' IT departments are facing an uphill battle. One risk that has been pushed back into the spotlight thanks to the trend towards working from home, is the wide-spread use of weak passwords.
Cybersecurity expertise for managing directors. Part 4.1 - Strategic cybersecurity.
The majority of the time, cybersecurity is considered a necessary evil that soaks up money. However, when properly understood and leveraged, cybersecurity can give businesses a real competitive edge. Management need to completely rethink their attitude to cybersecurity so that the opportunities it presents are in the foreground. By looking at it from a different perspective, new possibilities for the strategic development of your own business to make it fit for the future emerge. Are you ready for strategic cybersecurity?
Cybersecurity expertise for managing directors. Part 3: Liabilities and obligations.
The damage caused by cyberattacks is growing worldwide, but the risk of falling victim to cybercrime has specifically increased in Germany. According to the Munich Re Global Cyber Risk and Insurance Survey, the average cost of ransomware attacks is around 280,000 USD per case-and that figure does not even include potential ransom payments. When damage is caused, someone has to take responsibility, especially in a worst case scenario.
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