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01/03/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 01/03/2018 19:26

Legislative committee adopts report explaining inadequate education funding

As it does every two years, a legislative committee on Wednesday adopted a report explaining why the Legislature won't adequately fund Oregon's K-12 schools.

Since 2001, state law has required the Legislature to fund Oregon K-12 public education to a standard set by the Quality Education Committee or publish a report saying why funding has fallen short. The State School Fund has never matched the Quality Education Model's needs. The committee called for $9.97 billion for 2017-19; the Legislature appropriated $8.2 billion.

The Joint Interim Special Committee on Public Education Appropriation voted 5-1 to adopt the 'Report on Adequacy of Public Education Funding' for the 2017-19 education budget. The report, as previous ones have stated, said funding was insufficient because of inadequate revenue growth for the state and cost increases for school districts, including additional student needs, employee-related costs, the Public Employees Retirement System and health benefits.

- Jake Arnold, OSBA
[email protected]