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06/07/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/07/2019 22:27

The Varela Administration advances works to provide potable water to population of Panama North, East and West

Investment in works related to the project 100% water amounts to 593 million balboas

An inspection by the new water treatment plants of Arraiján and Gamboa, as well as the expansion of the Federico Guardia plant in Chilibre and Antonio Yepes in Sabanitas, made this Friday by President Juan Carlos Varela; works that are part of the six potable water distribution infrastructure projects for the benefit of the population of Panama North, East and West.

These works, which leaves in transition the Administration of President Varela, together with the Anillo Hidráulico projects towards Panama East and Anillo Hidráulico North, complement the 100% water project for the sustainable improvement of the potable water system of the city of Panama, Colón and Panama West, benefiting more than 800 thousand users of the system.

'This was the plan that we made in my administration, orderly, of projects that benefit the population, well tendered and investing well resources to improve the supply of potable water to the city of Panama and today we see how these works advance in a 30 percent', said President Varela in reference to the new water treatment plant of Gamboa.

He said that this project was born with the idea of producing 60 million gallons daily for the city of Panama, which will redistribute more water than the one produced in Chilibre - along with the hydraulic rings - to the eastern sector of the city.

While the director of the IDAAN, Juan Felipe de La Iglesia, informed that it is expected that the water treatment plant of Gamboa is completed in July next year, and that together wiith the plant of Howard and the expansions of Chilibre and Sabanitas will generate 120 million additional gallons to bring potable water to users.

In this plant of Gamboa, named Ing. José 'Pepe' Fierro, as more than 1,360 linear meters of pipes of different diameters have already been installed, emptying of filters in slabs, emptying of concrete in floccurators and sedimentary. This project will benefit more than 140 thousand inhabitants of Ancón, San Felipe, San Francisco, El Chorrillo, Santa Ana, Calidonia, Curundú, Betania, Bella Vista and the road Ricardo J. Alfaro.

Meanwhile, for the benefit of Panamá West, in Howard, the new water treatment plant, Ing. José Guillermo Rodríguez, is being built, which will produce 40 million gallons of water per day, with a raw water intake located in the Gatún reservoir. It is expected to benefit more than 283 thousand inhabitants of Arraiján cabecera, Burunga, Nuevo Emperador, Veracruz, Juan D. Arosemena, Santa Clara, Cerro Silvestre and Vista Alegre.

Later, President Varela went to inspect the expansion works of the Federico Guardia Conte water treatment plant, a project that maintains a 52% progress of the new purification module, to produce 15 million gallons of water per day, in addition to the 250 present millions.

The working day concluded in Colón, where the Antonio Yepes de Leon water treatment plant is expanded, which will produce 35 million gallons of water per day to supply more than 115thousand inhabitants of Barrio Norte and Sur, Buena Vista, Cativá, Ciricito, Sabanitas. , Salamanca, Limón, Nueva Providencia, Puerto Limón, Cristóbal, Escobal, San Juan and Santa Rosa.

These works are complementary to close the improvement cycle with the project 'Extension of the Hydraulic Ring to East Panama and increase of storage capacity', at a cost of 149 million balboas.

Currently, the work presents an advance of 31% and includes the extension of the Hydraulic Ring to transport the surplus flow of the María Henríquez Line and Oriente 2 Line to the East of the city, in order to constitute an alternative water supply system for the benefit of 700 thousand people.

Additionally, the Government is advancing in the construction of the North Hydraulic Ring, which consists of the expansion and rehabilitation of the Panama North aqueduct, with an investment of 88 million balboas.

The works present an advance of 13% and include improvements to the aqueducts of Mayor Diaz, Villa Grecia, Villa Cárdenas, Nueva Esperanza, San Lorenzo and Cerro El Peñón. In addition, the reinforcement of those of Las Cumbres, Gonzalillo, Unión Veragüense Lucha Franco and El Vallecito.