08/10/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 08/10/2020 13:40

WEG provides power generation solutions for Coração and Tupitinga Small Powerplants

Providing complete solutions for the most diverse applications, WEG has just supplied a turbine and generator set for Coração Small Powerplant, which is located in Águas Frias, west of Santa Catarina - Brazil, including two x 2396 kW Kaplan S Jusante turbines and two x 2550 kVA generators (4.16 kV - 400 rpm). This was the first WEG Kaplan S turbine entirely manufactured and assembled in the factory. This achievement has allowed an extremely low lead-time for the assembly on the field, higher safety levels, and increased product reliability.

For Tupitinga Small Powerplant, located in Campos Novos, in the Midwest of Santa Catarina / Brazil, WEG supplied three turbine and generator sets. Two sets consisting of 9897 kW Francis turbines and 11,000 kVA generators (13.8 kV - 900 rpm), in addition to another set consisting of a 4964 kW Francis turbine and a 5500 kVA (13.8 kV - 1200 rpm) generator, in order to increase the plant operation during lack of rain periods.

'In addition to acquiring a solution with WEG´s quality and expertise levels, we understand that, considering this it is the' heart of the entire work', WEG turbines and generators are essential to allow return of investment rates established for each project. Selecting equipment that provide safety and quality is an essential aspect due to the fact that products such as turbines and generators are not standard items, but they are products manufactured and dedicated for each project ', says Rousty Rolim de Moura, executive of Brasil Sul Energia S/A.

Tupitinga Small Powerplant, located in Campos Novos