JOGMEC - Japan Oil Gas And Metals National Corporation

08/21/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 08/21/2020 00:02

JOGMEC Conducts World’s First Successful Excavation of Cobalt-Rich Seabed in the Deep Ocean;Excavation Test Seeks to Identify Best Practices to Access Essential Green[...]

Note 1: Cobalt-rich (ferro-manganese) crustThe crust is a manganese oxide with a thickness of about several millimeters to over ten centimeters that covers basement rocks from the summit to the slope of the seamount at a water depth of about 800 to 2,400 meters scattered on the seafloor of the northwestern Pacific region, and contains cobalt, nickel, copper and platinum.

Note 2: Mineral processing
It is a series of processes such as crushing ores and removing unnecessary minerals for separating useful minerals from ores. In the crust mineral processing test conducted by JOGMEC, it was done by crushing sample crusts and the basement rock was separated and removed by using the difference in specific gravity.

Note 3: Smelting & refining
It is a series of processes for extracting a specific metal from ore or a useful mineral obtained by mineral processing. In the crust smelting & refining test conducted by JOGMEC, the crust sample after removing the basement rock was melted in a high-temperature furnace to concentrate the metal content. By doing so, cobalt, nickel, and copper were extracted from the solution dissolved with a chemical solution.