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10/25/2018 | News release | Distributed by Public on 10/25/2018 14:32

Inogen Environmental Alliance Proves Digitization Of EHS Services Requires Cross-Industry Collaboration

Founded in 2001, the Inogen Environmental Alliance is a global consortium of EHS consultancies that includes approximately 6,430 employees in more than 200 offices across six continents. Inogen is a key illustration of Verdantix research findings that cross-industry collaboration is the best way to grasp the potential benefits of digitizing services in EHS consulting. Verdantix conducted a survey with senior executives and practice leaders at EHS consultancies and found that nearly half (43%) of the 126 respondents perceive their struggle to use digital tools as a significant barrier to adopting technology.

Inogen Associates benefit from project opportunities across the globe, collaboration to deliver large projects such as contracts with high-tech firms, access to funding on aspects including EHS digitization, and strategic knowledge sharing of best practices. How do customers of Inogen benefit? One single contract with an Inogen Associate opens access to the full network of services applied to meet the firm's specific requirements using local resources and regulatory knowledge.

Each year, Inogen hosts two Inogen Worldview® Conferences that brings together between 60 and 100 representatives of the Alliance to collaborate on EHS specific themes. The 2018 conference theme was digitization. Active participants in the tech discussions included Antea Group, Chola Risk Services, Delta-Simons, denkstatt, EnviroSolutions & Consulting (ESC), Redlog, and Terrapex.

What is the overall attitude towards technology of the Inogen Environmental Alliance? Almost half (42%) of the 2018 conference attendees perceive technology as valuable for delivering EHS services and they use it where appropriate. 'Making consultants efficient' was consistently identified as the biggest driver towards technology investment among conference participants. The Inogen consultants perceive common challenges of technology adoption to include selecting best-fit technologies for investment, adapting business models to digitized deliverables, and attracting talent that is tech savvy.

Despite these challenges, Inogen conference participants presented a variety of digital efforts to innovate in the EHS consulting market. For example, Chola Risk Services has used drones for quality inspection of 80 kilometres of solar panels through thermal imagery, reducing the hours required for this activity. Chola has quantified a 30% increase in productivity through digital adoption. An Austria-based EHS consultancy denkstatt has developed denxpert, a platform to support EHS legal compliance including pre-evaluation of laws, monthly regulatory updates, and audit and risk management. Singapore-based ESC partnered with BlueKanGo to develop an EHS software used internally for environmental field surveys via mobile devices and as a deliverable in itself, customized for clients to manage permit-to-work, audits, inspections and other functionality.

Inogen's philosophy is a good example of services firms pushing on digitization as a group. EHS consultants learning from one another on applying technology to existing services and educating clients on innovative ways of working require collaborative efforts among teams and individuals.