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05/06/2019 | News release | Archived content

The History of Wendy’s Frosty

Fifty Years of the Frosty: Wendy's Frosty Facts

The Square Deal welcomes Alissa Caldwell, Wendy's Manager of System Communications, to the blog! Alissa is a Wendy's veteran who has been with the brand for 22 years and has experience in field marketing, event planning, and internal communications. Alissa loves running, her two rescue dogs Maggie and Beau, and her favorite Wendy's menu item is a Dave's Single with Cheese.

As we get ready to celebrate Wendy's® 50th anniversary, we're recounting some of our favorite Wendy's tales. From Frosty® lore to stories that illustrate how Dave's values have touched people throughout the organization and beyond, we're excited to kick this monthly series off.

You may have heard our signature Frosty is back for 50 cents* for a limited time. This iconic treat, for which Dave had a very specific vision, wouldn't be around if it wasn't for the man who invented Wendy's Frosty alongside Dave and their commitment to serving the perfect Frosty, every time. The history of Wendy's Frosty is storied and today we're sharing how Fred Kappus and Dave brainstormed this classic. Now time to head to your nearest Wendy's to get one!