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10/19/2021 | Press release | Archived content

Otis Brazil Internship Program Attracts and Trains the Next Top Mechanics

Since 2019, women have made up nearly half of the program participants

Mayza Lins is one of the newest elevator mechanics in Otis Brazil, working out of the Santos branch in São Paulo.

She was one of approximately 40 new full-time employees hired this year after participating in our "Rota Escola" internship program, which provides comprehensive training for candidates while they are completing their studies, and aims to hire them onto full-time jobs when their internship is complete.

At Otis, I have found an equitable and safe work environment where I can be myself and achieve my goals," said Mayza.

In just a few years since it started, the Rota Escola internship program for has become an example to follow for equitable hiring and workforce development.

Program participants apply from around the country and receive more than 1,200 hours of training over 10 months. The program boasts a more than 80% placement rate into full-time jobs. And, nearly half of the program participants are women - a significant number in a field that is that has historically been occupied by men.

The Rota Escola program is again seeking program participants from across Brazil. The students bring their background in electrical or engineering fields, and Otis provides the rest of the training they need.

"Here we offer the opportunity to learn the technical work in full, including the total functioning of the operating system, use of tools, and other valuable knowledge", said Otis Human Resources Director for Latin America, Cristiane Fiorezzi.

The attention to gender equality in hiring, and to on-the-job training and professional development is in line with the company's values.

In 2020, Otis became the first in its industry to join the Paradigm for Parity Coalition, pledging our commitment to close our global leadership gender gap by 2030.

In 2020 Otis also announced Our Commitment to Change, laying out actions the company will take to ensure that Otis is a place where every voice feels welcome, safe and heard

And Otis has long offered a scholarship program that pays 100% of the costs for employees to study and receive new degrees.

"Otis is deeply committed to actions to promote diversity, equity and inclusion," says Fiorezzi. "We continue to work to recruit and retain leaders that represent the communities where we live and work, such as people of color, LGBTQIA+ and bringing more women onto our field teams."

To learn more about the Rota Escola program, visit the application page for candidates in Brazil.