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What Is a Jaw Crusher and What Can It Do for You?

A jaw crusher, or toggle crusher, is one of several types of crushing machines, including impactors, hammermills, and cone crushers, that is manufactured for the purpose of processing raw materials, like rocks and other aggregate, to reduce them in size.

Used in a wide variety of applications, including construction and recycling demolition, quarrying and mining, asphalt production, etc., a jaw crusher is designed to withstand the most abrasive material in the material processing industry, making it a very useful crusher to own.

The composition of a jaw crusher is characterized by its two steel plates, or jaw plates, one fixed and the other oscillating, both oriented to create a V-shaped chamber through which materials fall and become repeatedly crushed. These crusher jaw plates are most often corrugated in appearance but can also be flat.

An example of a jaw crusher, including its flywheels and jaw plates. To learn more about Eagle jaw crushers, click here.

When a jaw rock crusher operates, the width of the chamber compresses and relaxes in small, rapid rhythms as the oscillating jaw, or 'swing jaw,' is directed by a flywheel to provide the necessary inertia for crushing materials. It is this recurrent, compressive force that breaks the materials down along their weakest points, reducing them to a predetermined size.

The desired size of material is set by the parameters of the discharge area at the base of a jaw crusher. Once material is added to a jaw crusher, it remains in the crushing chamber, slowly breaking down, until it is less than the size of the discharge area and can escape.

If a jaw crusher cannot crush a piece of material, a toggle plate exists that snaps itself to stop the swing jaw from oscillating; this reaction stops the machine from damaging itself (much like a fuse or circuit breaker). The perpetrating material can then be cleared from the crushing chamber, and the toggle plate would then need replaced or reset, depending on its style, before operations could resume.

The jaw crusher is popular because it can process a wide variety of material without being damaged as much as other crushers. By the same token, these crushers require less maintenance due to their sturdiness, which means more time can be spent crushing instead of being serviced.

Our American-made Eagle jaw crushers are designed to process abrasive hard rock, using the time-tested overhead eccentric design. We can provide increased component life, reduced down time, improved production, and unsurpassed reliability by eliminating premature failures caused by fatigue from uncontrolled stress.

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