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06/24/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/24/2021 09:24

Zenit is coming – Echo Investment will build the first sustainable residential in Łódź

A green, ecological housing estate with community gardens will be built in Widzew, a district of Łódź, in the place where currently there is a concrete parking lot and an old shopping center. Zenit will be the first housing estate designed in accordance with the sustainable development strategy of the City of Łódź. Thanks to the cooperation with Veolia, a leading clean energy producer, the investment will be partly powered by photovoltaic systems. Echo Investment has also joined the action of greening Łódź and will plant over 1,000 trees in the entire city.

- An area that was previously primarily a concrete parking lot will be transformed into an open, city-forming element that will completely change this part of the district. It will be a friendly and multifunctional space - a comfortable residential area with service facilities and green space, available also to local residents. When designing Zenit, we placed great emphasis on creating a social space here. Both the residents and visitors of our investment will have access to facilities which will not only improve the comfort of life but also promote pro-ecological behavior - says Małgorzata Turek, member of the management board of Echo Investment responsible for the preparation of the investment.

Sustainable housing estate

Zenit will be the first housing estate designed and built in accordance with the sustainable development strategy of the City of Łódź.

- If we are to effectively address climate change, we must achieve a full synergy between activities of the city, business and residents. Zenit investment is a manifestation of such an activity and social responsibility of Echo Investment. It fits in with our strategic goals for green buildings, greenery or renewable energy. I am convinced it sets a good example for others - says Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of Łódź.

Echo Investment and Veolia will equip the investment with photovoltaic installations to power, for example, common areas of buildings or residential estate electric car chargers with renewable energy. Veolia will also provide green heat to apartments. The developer will encourage residents to use bicycle transport by providing, among other things, convenient bicycle racks and hangers within the premises of the estate. It also supports the development of electromobility and the sharing economy by installing chargers for electric vehicles or providing dedicated parking spaces for e-cars and carsharing. Green areas will be irrigated with rainwater stored in retention tanks. The estate will also include a greenhouse where residents can grow herbs, flowers or vegetables. Echo Investment has also ensured that the common spaces are safe and meet the needs of both children and teenagers.

- As a developer, we are actively involved in creating the cities of the future. That is why we build places which are friendly to live in, where technology supports ecology. This is what Zenit will be like - a green and open housing estate, designed in accordance with the eco-pact for Łódź. In order to make Łódź even greener, we are going to plant over a thousand trees throughout the city and, thanks to the partnership with Veolia, the common areas of our buildings, including elevators, lighting and ventilation devices, will be powered with green energy from photovoltaics - says Dawid Wrona, Residential Sales Director at Echo Investment.

Thoughtfully designed apartments

Zenit will be located in the heart of Widzew, the largest district of Łódź. Since there are many parks, playgrounds as well as sports and recreational facilities in the area, it is an ideal location for active people who also appreciate peace and contact with nature. There are also schools, kindergartens and medical facilities nearby.

The first stage of the project, comprising 168 comfortable apartments with sizes ranging from 27 to 82 sq. m. and varied layouts - each with its own balcony, loggia or terrace - is now available for sale. The price of an apartment includes the Echo Smart starter package, which is a wireless smart home system, that allows for, among others, voice-activated or remote smartphone control of lighting, temperature, switching off electrical appliances or unlocking the front door. In addition to intelligent solutions in the apartments, the developer has also provided a package of Echo Life Services, which includes innovative solutions in the common areas of the buildings and their surroundings. Places, which so far have been opened with an intercom (e.g. gates or doors), will be equipped with an automatic lock release system. To unlock them or call the elevator, simply walk near the sensor with your smartphone with the installed app. To make it easier for residents to pick up and send packages, there will also be InPost parcel lockers within the premises of Zenit. Completion of phase I of the construction is scheduled for Q2 2023.

Echo Investment will plant over 1,000 trees with residents

Environmental protection is one of the most important values which Echo Investment follows. In 2020, the company planted 5 times as many trees as it was forced to cut down during the construction process. The developer's goal is not only to minimize interference in natural greenery on purchased plots but also to green the urban blocks developed by Echo. And so, in the coming years, the area around Widzewska Street will change beyond recognition. The concrete square will be replaced by thoughtfully designed architecture and greenery. Additionally, Echo Investment plans to plant 1,050 trees throughout the city of Łódź. Within the planned estate, the developer has planned as much as 21,000 sq. m. of greenery, where 3,000 is to be created with the first phase and will include almost 50 trees. The remaining 1,000 trees will be planted by the company thanks to a partnership with social startup, which aims to expand urban spaces with green areas. Every person buying an apartment in Zenit will get the opportunity to virtually adopt one of thousands of trees which is an equivalent to a real, planted tree. Those interested will receive an individual ID code with which they can check the exact location of their tree.