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09/01/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/01/2020 05:48

Hrvatski Telekom opens a new multimedia T-Center on Zagreb's Ibler Square


  • The multimedia T-Center on Ibler Square is equipped in line with the latest technological trends and offers content that makes your stay more pleasant.
  • The employees and the space of the T-Center on Ibler Square are equipped in accordance with all epidemiological recommendations.

Aiming to improve the customer experience and provide an even better service, Hrvatski Telekom has opened another new multimedia store on Ibler Square in Zagreb. Hrvatski Telekom has thus transformed as many as 26 traditional T-Centers into modern stores according to the highest standards, and once again showed that it follows and creates the latest technological trends.

The T-Center on Ibler Square is divided into several functional units and is fully adapted to all users of Hrvatski Telekom's services. With all the standard features, members of Generation Z and all those who feel that way can get acquainted with all the services offered by bonbon in the first specialized zone within the T point of sale. Also, on smart devices in the bonbon zone, visitors can access music albums by Billie Eilish, multiple Grammy Award winner, and global activist in spreading digital optimism. This T-Center is also adorned with a so-called chill zone where users, surfing the leading network, can try out new functionalities on the smart devices on display there.

Employees and the space of the T-Center on Ibler Square are equipped in accordance with all epidemiological recommendations, and environmentally conscious design with an already recognizable green wall in the newly decorated T outlets provides an even more pleasant atmosphere when getting acquainted with a wide portfolio of products.

'Our customers deserve the best service, and its integral part is highly functional, multimedia, and modern points of sale, designed and organized to ensure flawless customer experience and offer rich content. Our T-Center on Ibler Square is a space that combines technological innovations and benefits of a brick and mortar branch, and we are proud that it is modeled on the most modern European multimedia stores. With this opening, we show that even in challenging times, we continue to invest in our offer and even better service,' said Maja Žunić, Director of the Residential Sales Department of Hrvatski Telekom on the occasion of the opening.

One of the goals at the renovation of all T-Centers is to connect all generations of users and bring them closer in fun and interesting ways to how all the latest technologies can make everyday life more beautiful, fun, and simple. As soon as the epidemiological situation allows, this T-Center will be the first Hrvatski Telekom store where numerous gatherings and workshops will be organized and where visitors will enjoy the exchange of knowledge and various entertainment provided by digital services.