Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu holds teleconference with leadership of Armed Forces

09.12.2019 (12:42)

Today the National Centre for State Defence Control in Moscow hosted another teleconference of Defence Ministry chaired by the General of the Army Sergei Shoigu.

When opening the session, Defence Minister recalled that that today Russia celebrates Heroes of Russia Day.

Turning to the agenda of the meeting, the Head of the Military Department noted that the Supreme Commander-in-Chief held a regular series of meetings in Sochi last week with senior officials of the Ministry of Defence and representatives of defence industry enterprises.

They discussed the development of the Navy, as well as the progress in fulfilling the tasks of the state defence order in the construction, modernization, repair and maintenance of armament and military hardware of the Navy were examined.

In addition, on November 22, a meeting of the Security Council was held under the leadership of the President, at which prospects for improving the military organization of the state for the coming decade were determined.

The Supreme Commander-in-Chief set the Armed Forces the task of ensuring the balanced development of the types and arms of the army through the competent and rational use of budgetary funds and material and technical resources.

It is necessary to further improve the control system.

Next year, the share of modern hardware will be increased to 70 percent and in the future to maintain this level.

The Armed Forces must be equipped with the latest science and technology.

First of all, this applies to strategic nuclear forces, precision weapons and aerospace defence.

As part of the Navy, it is necessary to increase the number of ships in the far sea zone, including those carrying Caliber cruise missiles and Zircon hypersonic missiles.

'Decisions of the Security Council will form the basis for the development of plans for the construction and development of the Armed Forces,' Sergei Shoigu emphasized.

Moreover, Sergei Shoigu spoke about new training year.

'The main emphasis will be placed on improving the quality of combat training while maintaining its intensity,' the Head of the Military Department outlined the range of tasks.

It is planned to conduct more than 4,800 exercises of various sizes, over 9,000 practical activities of combat training.

The main attention will be paid to the implementation of the experience of modern warfare, to encourage commanders to non-standard solve tasks, as well as to the implementation of established indicators and standards by personnel.

Comprehensive preparations for next year's International Army Games will continue.

'For this, we will carry out preliminaries - from the military unit to the military district. According to the results of the all-Army competitions, the best of the best will be included in the Russian national team.

The most important of them will be the Kavkaz 2020 strategic command and staff exercise planned for September.

The Minister of Defence emphasized that strict implementation of training plans will help maintain a high level of combat readiness of the troops, ensure national interests and adequately respond to possible aggravations of the military-political situation in any strategic direction.

The attendees also discussed other issues on the agenda, such as the task of improving the serviceability of strategic missile carriers.

This year, the public joint-stock company Tupolev performed a significant amount of work on Tu-95MS aircraft to modernize the first and second phases with the replacement of radio engineering and navigation equipment.

Provided the planned number of serviceable strategic bombers.

'Today we can say with confidence that the renewal of the existing fleet of long-range aviation and the creation of new aircraft significantly strengthened the air component of the nuclear triad,' the Minister of Defence said.