European Reliance General Insurance Co. SA

05/05/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/05/2021 03:51

“My Portal” - A new insurance experience

European Reliance, within the framework of its digital transformation, completed the new Customer's Portal 'My Portal', which offers to users a simple and specialized management experience with the Company.

'My Portal' is a useful tool for personalized services for the insured of European Reliance General Insurance Co. S.A., since, via the portal, users can be easily informed through a series of actions that are related to their Insurance Policy an especially their transactions with the Company.

In the menu of 'My Portal', the insured can perform a series of functionalities, at the time of their convenience, through their desktop, tablet or mobile phone, such as:

  • The management of the policy, payment of the insurance premiums, management of the standing order and receipt of documents related to the insurance policy.
  • Submission and monitoring of the request for a claim.
  • Finding the co-operating car stations and contracted medical institutions.
  • Expressing interest for new products and upgrade the current packages of policies.
  • Participation in the award scheme 'Asfalistikos Goneas'.
  • Direct on-line communication with a representative of the customer service department.

In European Reliance, digital transformation means the introduction and implementation of new technologies, that simplify the procedures for the insured and add value to their transactions with the Company, through a pleasant navigation experience.

These new services that the Company offers, confirm the strategic objective of the Company, which is the continuous support and facilitation of the work of the Insurance Intermediary.

'My Portal' is available for natural persons and the only requirement for the subscription is the number of the Insurance Policy or the Circulation License Number of the vehicle and the T.I.N.