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A Guide to VMworld 2021 for Virtualization Pros

VMworld 2021 is just around the corner, from Oct. 5-7, and we're thrilled to offer insightful programming for sys admins to get the most from the VMware products you're using. You'll find the top 10 sessions here, from product announcements to insights from practitioners, that can help you learn what's new in familiar products, see how new products and features work, and get perspective on what the cloud will bring to virtualized data centers. Attend these sessions to enhance your partnership with VMware on your organization's multi-cloud journey.

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1. How vSphere Is Redefining Infrastructure For Running Apps In the Multi-Cloud Era [MCL2500]

Multi-cloud has transformed the way organizations manage next-generation applications. A host of innovative new technologies are becoming available, from silicon-based accelerators to high-speed interconnects to cloud-scale architectures. Attend this session to hear VMware thought leaders share how IT can enable cutting-edge innovation with vSphere.

2. VMware vSphere - What's New [GWS-HOL-2211-01-SDC]  

Organizations rely on vSphere to run optimized data centers worldwide. Join this session to hear about some exciting new features in vSphere 7. This lab offers a hands-on tour of new and improved capabilities in ESXi and vCenter Server management and lifecycle. Learn how you can provide optimized performance and improved security now that Kubernetes is built in to vSphere.

3. A Big Update on vRealize Operations [MCL1277]  

Give us 30 minutes and we will give you an update on VMware vRealize Operations you won't forget. This is a can't-miss session with updates on the premier cloud management tool. Get the latest on new capabilities for ease of use, time to value, troubleshooting, capacity and cost-efficiency, application monitoring, integrations, and more.

4. Automate and Improve Day 2 Operations with vSphere Lifecycle Manager [MCL1274]  

VMware vSphere Lifecycle Manager is an essential tool for sys admins to plan and execute VMware ESXi lifecycle operations. This talk will outline the new features of vSphere Lifecycle Manager, giving administrators information and examples to reduce the time to update and upgrade systems.

5. VMware Cloud Foundation Tips and Tricks from the Trenches [MCL1025] 

VMware Cloud Foundation makes a highly scalable infrastructure solution easy to deploy, but getting the details right is important. In this session, we take you through many of the common pitfalls and lesser-known features and offer some advice on how to make your infrastructure deployment a success from day 1.

6. Meet the Experts: vSphere with Kubernetes - What does a vSphere Admin need to know? [APP1533] 

Enabling Kubernetes is essential for empowering developers to build modern applications. Learn how the VMware vSphere 7.0 integration with Kubernetes allows vSphere admins to enable the use of containers on a familiar virtualization platform. The session will also cover lessons learned from implementing and running Kubernetes, giving attendees all they need to know to build, run, and manage Kubernetes on vSphere.

7. From vSphere Admin to Site Reliability Engineer - Where Do I Start? [CODE2795] 

Does the idea of upleveling your skillset from vSphere Admin to Site Reliability Engineer excite you, but you don't know where to start? Attend this session to hear directly from engineers who have made a similar transition. They will share the necessary technical and interpersonal skill sets to make the move between roles-from architecture changes to the imperative vs. declarative shift and more. Get an understanding in less than an hour of how to get to the SRE role.

8. VMware Cloud on AWS Guided Workshop [GWS-HOL-2284-01-HBD] 

Get a guided tour of VMware Cloud on AWS, including a tour of the Cloud Console and the Developer Center to interact with available APIs. This is an essential session for sys admins whose organizations use or are considering AWS.

9. vSphere SaaS - A Journey to Multi-Cloud Infrastructure - Design Studio [UX2522] 

Many organizations are looking to modernize vSphere-based on-prem infrastructure while meeting the needs of development and other business teams. This session will showcase how you can leverage advances in vSphere SaaS experience along with vCenter lifecycle for a multi-cloud infrastructure with value-added cloud services. Attend to learn about common needs, expectations, and pain points in transitioning to multi-cloud with vSphere SaaS.

10. Introduction to vSphere Performance [GWS-HOL-2204-71-GWS] 

Sys admins rely on vSphere to ensure workloads run with maximum performance on ESXI hosts and clusters. We're pleased to present new capabilities in vSphere 7.0 for optimizing performance. Attend this lab to learn how to right-size VMs, benchmark application workloads, measure and monitor system resources, and more. And don't miss the preview of VMware Odyssey to practice for the VMworld 2021 Tournament!

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