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Tips and Tricks For Sustainable Play Count Growth on Spotify

It takes a lot to be a good singer and it is even harder to get famous. Many platforms have been developed to cater to music fans and those who wish to create their own music. On these platforms, there is great competition, and standing out is the key. Spotify gives music-lovers the opportunity to make themselves known in the world of music.

On Spotify, you can create music and with a little extra effort, get well-recognized ad famous. This, however, requires skill. Let's look at several tips to establish sustainable play count growth on Spotify.

  1. Aim for getting playlisted

Getting on the Spotify playlist is the ideal way of increasing your plays on Spotify and followers. Spotify's editorial team or the major labels decide which songs make it to the playlist. On the other hand, you can slowly make it up to the Spotify playlist vie independent curators. You can submit your work to these curators and gradually earn a name. Ultimately, you can end up in the Spotify playlist.

Making it to the Spotify playlist is a difficult task indeed, but not impossible. The editorial team bases its decisions on the hype created by a particular song. A piece of music that is featured on other independent playlists or blogs is more likely to make it to the Spotify playlist. With playlist plays, you can get famous!

Increase traffic on your Spotify music productions via other social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and email database. Direct the followers form these accounts to Spotify. On Facebook, you can get attention to your production through the many groups where people share their songs and give feedback.

  1. Make use of Spotify codes that can be scanned

'Spotify codes' is a recently developed feature which is used to connect playlists or tracks on Spotify. This code is a scannable, QR-code that can be shared to direct people directly to your music. In order to do so, your need to open the track or playlist on the Spotify application on your phone. By clicking on the menu icon in the top right corner, you can open the code and then screenshot it. The screenshot can then be cropped so that only the code is left. You can share this image on different social media platforms to promote your production. People can then scan this code (via the Spotify app) and directly reach your song on Spotify.

In this way, you can ensure that your music productions reach a large audience and the plays increase. Spotify is a platform where music producers and consumers come together and can be used to increase your popularity. By publicizing your Spotify productions on other social media accounts and spreading the word, you can get attention to your music successfully. If you follow the tips above and work hard on your productions, Spotify is the ideal place to reach out to a very vast audience and make your talent known.

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