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06/25/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/25/2020 04:00

NUPW-Palestine report on Palestinian women in the time of coronavirus

Palestinian women are an inseparable part of the overall Palestinian community, and there is complementarity in roles between men and women together in all economic, political, social and cultural fields. But far from all these people, there is a fact that must be pointed out, which is that we are in the midst of all crises, and we (women) are still more than able to bear their burdens .. Women have endured the troubles and suffering of Corona more than others .. So what do you think about the Palestinian woman who is known for her steadfastness, patience and ability to coexist with the critical conditions that Palestine is going through from the exceptional circumstances that no country in the world has gone through .. occupation and successive wars and years of siege and the accompanying of that of killing and deportation .. all these events made her a woman Strong and coherent ..

Now, with Corona, the two issues have suffered the occupation and what it is doing towards our people, and the Corona virus epidemic and its rapid spread across the world that threatens all of humanity in all its classes is neither big nor small nor poor nor rich. Hence, the Palestinian woman played an important role in the current situation, and she emerged Noticeably in leadership and field locations, with their male counterparts in the first line of defense in crisis management, despite the psychological and social pressures imposed on it, but it remains tall in its steadfastness in support of family members with advice and awareness and how to deal with this epidemic and is also able to distribute roles between the sexes in the family within the same house

It is our specialty We highlight the work of union leaders Palestinian women who responded to the appeal of the humanitarian response to stand in the field next to the man we see sometimes behind the camera to launch effective and influential media campaigns for citizens and citizens about how to protect yourself and others from the Corona virus and others we see in the health and media sector and with the security agencies within the emergency committees formed to contribute services to workers and citizens Where the Palestinian trade union woman played an important role In the health aspects, with its participation in sterilization, examination and insurance of drugs, masks and sterilizers For families of low-income workers, others participated in providing food aid and food baskets to needy families

Initiatives by union women have made them feel responsible towards the family and toward the whole society, so they have launched via electronic means groups that include women activists and committees in support of emergency committees whose aim was to communicate and communicate with citizens * It was the first stage of the joint work of the volunteers to spread awareness and health education programs of importance and take the necessary measures to prevent the emerging Covid 19 virus. And then * Follow the latest developments in light of the Corona pandemic in the country To provide advice and guidance through topics that are raised during the electronic discussion, especially how to deal with the families of workers. Inside the green line and how preventive measures should be take * It worked to provide important information for emergency committees and intervention when needed Especially about the conditions of the returning workers from inside the occupation state who were trying to hide from testing if they were infected with the virus *specialized volunteers were provided for Psychosocial support for families through field visits and dealing with emerging phenomena during the Corona pandemic in which cases Like domestic violence remained. Finally, as a result of the deteriorating economic situation and an increase Unemployment rate The women union committees implemented a relief campaign by providing a number of food baskets to families. On the other hand, trade union women have played an important and effective role In emotional support, containment, love and response, and adapting to the current state of the new system . Especially in dealing with children at this stage, the process of quarantine and closing schools, and not seeing their friends and not leaving the house because of quarantine and providing alternatives to take advantage of time in the quarantine by providing the necessary instructions to continue online education inside the home providing means of games and other electronic competitions which Develop intelligence in children, in which many participated, with prizes to be presented later

Palestinian women, as the women of the world, stand to fight this viral enemy to protect their society and defend the building of its constituents out of the strong belief that they have a great responsibility in this crisis and they bear in all its aspects.