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01/14/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 01/14/2020 05:00

Unicare’s Occupational Health Services (OHS) in Norway sold to OHS Management

Unicare's Occupational Health Services (OHS) in Norway sold to OHS Management

Unicare Helse AS is a mid-sized player operating in the fragmented Norwegian OHS sector. Success in this market requires specific skills and a dedicated delivery model which are different to Unicare's core business delivering high quality primary and specialist healthcare services in partnership with and as complement to the public healthcare systems in the Nordics. Against this background, Unicare has entered into an agreement with current management of Unicare Helse AS taking over ownership of the company, allowing both Unicare Helse AS and the remaining Unicare Group to pursue further development in separate tracks. The closing date for the transaction is February 3, 2020. With this transaction, Unicare takes another step on its journey to streamline business scope and operations focusing on high quality primary and specialist healthcare service delivery. The disposal of Unicare Helse AS will also have positive impact on the remaining Group's profitability, margin and cashflow generation. General healthcare trends and developments in Unicare's remaining business segments will continue to drive growth, both organically and through new investment opportunities, and as Unicare continues to develop, growth will be balanced with appropriate operational margin levels and continued high-quality in-service deliveries, ensuring strong performance for patients, partners and investors.