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Director, Logistics, Fleet Supply and Ordnance, Pacific Fleet Makes First Visit to Diego Garcia

DIEGO GARCIA, British Indian Ocean Territory (NNS) -- Rear Adm. Kristen B. Fabry, Director, Logistics, Fleet Supply and Ordnance, Pacific Fleet, made her first visit to the island of Diego Garcia Apr. 9.

The purpose of her visit to the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) was to grasp the strategic importance of the island and capabilities of the tenant commands.

To start her visit, Fabry attended a meeting with Capt. Mike Bratley, commanding officer of Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia, to discuss current operations on Diego Garcia and ways to improve the quality of life for Sailors stationed on the remote island.

'I want to address the quality of life for Sailors because they are sent to the island for one-year tours,' said Fabry. 'We send Sailors out here and want to make sure they are taken care of.'

Fabry also visited with Sailors at Fleet Logistics Center Yokosuka Det. Diego Garcia (FLCYDDG).

'The meeting with Rear Adm. Fabry was meant to address fuel operations, postal services, contractor service obligations, and the statistics from fiscal year 2018,' said Cmdr. Curtis Culwell, Site Director for FLCYDDG.

Adm. Fabry also visited with Sailors attached to Navy Munitions Command East Asia Division Division Det. Diego Garcia (NMCEADDDG). She was able to speak with the Sailors and answer questions about their needs and also visited the ordnance magazines and address issues with facilities associated with the detachment.

'We were able to talk about how to advance our naval careers and further our knowledge while in the Navy,' said Aviation Ordnanceman Airman Recruit Iris Toromanovic, who is assigned to NMCEADDDG. 'We also talked about how Diego Garcia is a strategic stronghold for our Navy and how in order to maintain freedom, we need to continue to operate as a team, whether it be on the island or at any of our next duty stations.'

Fabry also attended a meeting Cmdr. Karen Cahill, the British representative for BIOT to conclude her tour of Diego Garcia. In their meeting, Fabry and Cahill discussed the importance of a military presence on Diego Garcia and how maintaining control of BIOT is important for environmental conservation.

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