City of Mesquite, TX

06/19/2017 | News release | Distributed by Public on 06/19/2017 17:02

Mesquite launches aggressive enforcement of illegal fireworks and gunfire

Mesquite, TX - June 19, 2017 - Tonight, the Mesquite City Council gave their support of a new plan to strengthen enforcement of illegal fireworks and celebratory gunfire during July 4 weekend with a full force and robust response. The 'Celebrate Safely with Family & Friends, Not Fireworks & Firearms' campaign will begin immediately. The public is encouraged to call the police non-emergency number 972-285-6336 to report any violations.

In Mesquite, it is illegal to possess or use fireworks in the city limits. Fines range from $500 - $4,000. The illegal discharge of a firearm carries the possibility of up to one year in jail.

Police Chief Charlie Cato said, 'During the past year, our residents have voiced their concerns about the discharge of fireworks and gunfire into the air on holidays like July 4.' Cato explained the Police and Fire Departments will implement special deployment teams during the holiday weekend to issue citations and seize fireworks. He added that patrolling officers will also respond to addresses of where there are witnesses to illegal celebratory gunfire and arrests will be made.

Fire Chief Mark Kerby said, 'Both fireworks and celebratory gunfire have the potential to cause serious injuries to our citizens and place additional impacts on our fire and EMS resources.' Kerby shared that he hoped the combination of a public education campaign by the City and the joint enforcement efforts by the public safety departments will greatly reduce the illegal use of fireworks and gunfire during the holiday and make it enjoyable for everyone.